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Spider Skeleton Wizard Coder Summary

Running the GGML model

Spider Dataset

Spider is a large-scale complex and cross-domain semantic parsing and text-to-SQL dataset annotated by 11 Yale students The goal of the Spider challenge is to develop natural language interfaces to cross-domain databases.

This dataset was used to finetune this model.

Spider Skeleton WizardCoder - test-suite-sql-eval Results

With temperature set to 0.0, top_p set to 0.9, and top_k set to 0, the model achieves 61% execution accuracy on the Spider dev set.


  • ChatGPT was evaluated with the default hyperparameters and with the system message You are a sophisticated AI assistant capable of converting text into SQL queries. You can only output SQL, don't add any other text.
  • Both models were evaluated with --plug_value in evaluation.py using the Spider dev set with database context.
    • --plug_value: If set, the gold value will be plugged into the predicted query. This is suitable if your model does not predict values. This is set to False by default.


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The resources, including code, data, and model weights, associated with this project are restricted for academic research purposes only and cannot be used for commercial purposes. The content produced by any version of WizardCoder is influenced by uncontrollable variables such as randomness, and therefore, the accuracy of the output cannot be guaranteed by this project. This project does not accept any legal liability for the content of the model output, nor does it assume responsibility for any losses incurred due to the use of associated resources and output results.

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Evaluation results

  • Test Suite SQL Eval - Execution Accuracy on Spider Dev w/ Database Context
  • Test Suite SQL Eval - Exact Matching Accuracy on Spider Dev w/ Database Context