VideoLCM: Video Latent Consistency Model

Published on Dec 14, 2023
ยท Submitted by akhaliq on Dec 15, 2023


Consistency models have demonstrated powerful capability in efficient image generation and allowed synthesis within a few sampling steps, alleviating the high computational cost in diffusion models. However, the consistency model in the more challenging and resource-consuming video generation is still less explored. In this report, we present the VideoLCM framework to fill this gap, which leverages the concept of consistency models from image generation to efficiently synthesize videos with minimal steps while maintaining high quality. VideoLCM builds upon existing latent video diffusion models and incorporates consistency distillation techniques for training the latent consistency model. Experimental results reveal the effectiveness of our VideoLCM in terms of computational efficiency, fidelity and temporal consistency. Notably, VideoLCM achieves high-fidelity and smooth video synthesis with only four sampling steps, showcasing the potential for real-time synthesis. We hope that VideoLCM can serve as a simple yet effective baseline for subsequent research. The source code and models will be publicly available.


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Revolutionizing Video Generation: Introducing VideoLCM!

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