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This is a flaubert_small_cased model finetuned for sentiment analysis on product reviews in French. It predicts the sentiment of the review, from very_negative (1 star) to very_positive (5 stars).

This model is intended for direct use as a sentiment analysis model for French product reviews, or for further finetuning on related sentiment analysis tasks.

Training data

The training data consists of the French portion of amazon_reviews_multi, supplemented with another 140,000 similar reviews.


The finetuned model was evaluated on the French test set of amazon_reviews_multi.

  • Accuracy (exact) is the exact match on the number of stars.
  • Accuracy (off-by-1) is the percentage of reviews where the number of stars the model predicts differs by a maximum of 1 from the number given by the human reviewer.
Language Accuracy (exact) Accuracy (off-by-1)
French 61.56% 95.66%


NLP Town offers a suite of sentiment models for a wide range of languages, including an improved multilingual model through RapidAPI.

Feel free to contact us for questions, feedback and/or requests for similar models.

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