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ResNet-50 v1.5

ResNet model pre-trained on ImageNet-1k at resolution 224x224. It was introduced in the paper Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition by He et al.

Disclaimer: The team releasing ResNet did not write a model card for this model so this model card has been written by the Hugging Face team.

Model description

ResNet (Residual Network) is a convolutional neural network that democratized the concepts of residual learning and skip connections. This enables to train much deeper models.

This is ResNet v1.5, which differs from the original model: in the bottleneck blocks which require downsampling, v1 has stride = 2 in the first 1x1 convolution, whereas v1.5 has stride = 2 in the 3x3 convolution. This difference makes ResNet50 v1.5 slightly more accurate (~0.5% top1) than v1, but comes with a small performance drawback (~5% imgs/sec) according to Nvidia.

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Intended uses & limitations

You can use the raw model for image classification. See the model hub to look for fine-tuned versions on a task that interests you.

How to use

Here is how to use this model to classify an image of the COCO 2017 dataset into one of the 1,000 ImageNet classes:

from transformers import AutoImageProcessor, ResNetForImageClassification
import torch
from datasets import load_dataset

dataset = load_dataset("huggingface/cats-image")
image = dataset["test"]["image"][0]

processor = AutoImageProcessor.from_pretrained("microsoft/resnet-50")
model = ResNetForImageClassification.from_pretrained("microsoft/resnet-50")

inputs = processor(image, return_tensors="pt")

with torch.no_grad():
    logits = model(**inputs).logits

# model predicts one of the 1000 ImageNet classes
predicted_label = logits.argmax(-1).item()

For more code examples, we refer to the documentation.

BibTeX entry and citation info

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