As instructed by @Rocketknight1 , here this PR updates the modeling and config files for Phi-1. Also, it updates the new weights and necessary files.

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Microsoft org

Thanks for the work @susnato ! We will be merging this soon.

Hi @gugarosa , transformers have released their 4.36 version.

Hi @susnato - I'd really like to try to help and get these PRs merged, but it looks like there are merge conflicts now. They're probably pretty minor, but can you do a rebase/merge to get the PRs ready, and then ping me and I'll see if I can grab someone from Microsoft to merge them?

Microsoft org

Thanks @Rocketknight1 and @susnato !

We are also going to open a PR to propose some extra functionality and we should be able to merge everything to a unique code. It should be done in the next weeks.

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