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Context Response width score
I love NLP! Can anyone recommend a nice review paper? 0.701
I love NLP! Me too! 0.029

The width score predicts how likely the response is getting replied.


Dialog Ranking Pretrained Transformers

How likely a dialog response is upvoted 👍 and/or gets replied 💬?

This is what DialogRPT is learned to predict. It is a set of dialog response ranking models proposed by Microsoft Research NLP Group trained on 100 + millions of human feedback data. It can be used to improve existing dialog generation model (e.g., DialoGPT) by re-ranking the generated response candidates.

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We considered the following tasks and provided corresponding pretrained models.

Task Description Pretrained model
Human feedback given a context and its two human responses, predict...
updown ... which gets more upvotes? model card
width ... which gets more direct replies? this model
depth ... which gets longer follow-up thread? model card
Human-like (human vs fake) given a context and one human response, distinguish it with...
human_vs_rand ... a random human response model card
human_vs_machine ... a machine generated response model card


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