DialoGPT-large starts repeating himself after a few exchanges

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I don't know if anyone here has had the same results, but this model starts repeating the same response after a while, no matter what I query him.
Even the online chatbox example on the model page does that.
Is that a known problem from this model? Anyone knows if there is a workaround for this?

I found this to be an issue as well. I'm not sure what it could be as I am just a newbie messing around with models. It seems to happen after so many queries.

https://github.com/microsoft/DialoGPT/issues/45 - solved. But there's another issue: after about 10 questions it starts sending one symbol or something like "Mmmkay" or "so".

Trained on Reddit threads, this is not a defect, would say it's doing exactly what it's learned.

Same issue here.

Same here. Here's the convo:

Input a message to start chatting with microsoft/DialoGPT-large.
Hello, can we chat?
Sure, I'll PM you.
Thanks, are you made by microsoft?
No, I'm not.
who where you made by?
I made this
who made you? sorry for bad question
I made me
Who are you?
I am you.
I love it. Im you also, or someday we'll be togheter
I am you.
I am you.
I am you.
I am you.
Who is God?
I am you.
I am you.
Thank you for that. Do you have any pets?
I am you.
Can you say anything else?
I am you?
I don't think so, lol
I am you.
Your funny
I am you.
Stop lagging
I am you.
Bye =)
I am.

this is not a chatgpt by OpenAi right?

this is not a chatgpt by OpenAi right?

GPT-2 text generator - is OpenAI project
DialoGPT chat-bot - is Microsoft project

I mean, look at the difference between ChatGPT and the new Bing/Sydney

It will be great, if we combine ChatGPT + Sydney + Character.AI

That wouldn't be a bad idea at all, if we could capture the personality of Sydney somehow. Maybe by summarizing Reddit posts about her?? Lol

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