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Tensorflow Keras implementation of : Image classification with ConvMixer

The full credit goes to: Sayak Paul

Short description:

ConvMixer is a simple model based on the ideas of representing an image as patches( used in ViT) and separating the mixing of Spatial and channel dimensions (used in MLP-Mixer). Unlike ViT and MLP-Mixer, they use only standard Convolution operations. The full paper is a submission to ICLR 22 and can be found here

Model and Dataset used

The Dataset used here is CIFAR-10. The model is called ConvMixer-256/8 where 256 is the hidden dimension (the dimension of patches) and 8 is the depth(number of repetitions of ConvMix layers)

Training procedure

Training hyperparameters

The following hyperparameters were used during training:

Hyperparameters Value
name AdamW
learning_rate 0.0010000000474974513
decay 0.0
beta_1 0.8999999761581421
beta_2 0.9990000128746033
epsilon 1e-07
amsgrad False
weight_decay 9.999999747378752e-05
exclude_from_weight_decay None
training_precision float32

Training Metrics

After 10 Epocs, the test accuracy of the model is 83.57%

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