Object Detection
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YOLOv6: A single-stage object detection framework dedicated to industrial applications.

YOLOv6 v3.0: A Full-Scale Reloading

YOLOv6-Pip: Packaged version of the Yolov6 repository

Paper Repo: Implementation of paper - YOLOv6


pip install yolov6detect

Yolov6 Inference

from yolov6 import YOLOV6

model = YOLOV6(weights='kadirnar/yolov6s-v2.0', device='cuda:0', hf_model=True)

model.classes = None
model.conf = 0.25
model.iou = 0.45
model.show = False
model.save = True

pred = model.predict(source='data/images',yaml='data/coco.yaml', img_size=640)

BibTeX Entry and Citation Info

 title={YOLOv6: A single-stage object detection framework for industrial applications},
 author={Li, Chuyi and Li, Lulu and Jiang, Hongliang and Weng, Kaiheng and Geng, Yifei and Li, Liang and Ke, Zaidan and Li, Qingyuan and Cheng, Meng and Nie, Weiqiang and others},
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