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What is SamSum Bot?

This is a model fine-tuned on the SamSum dataset. However, instead of training the system to summarize conversations, the model is trained to predict a conversation given a summary. The prompt needs to be in the following form

A partial summary of the conversation is:

With the dialogue being:

where {summary} is a text as in

John went out to buy groceries. He meets Jane on the way and they talk about the weather.

and the {dialogue} needs to be structured with speaking lines preceded by the speaking character

John: Oh hi Jane.
Jane: Nice to see you?
John: The weather looks nice today

The system is based on the GPTJ-6B by EleutherAI, quantized by Hivemind. It has been fine-tuned according to the LoRa method. A simple back-end is available in this repo, where the model is served using Torchserve. A terminal-like front-end interface is available here. This interface is the one used in my website http://fractalego.io.

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