Amanda: I baked cookies. Do you want some? Jerry: Sure! Amanda: I'll bring you tomorrow :-)
Amanda baked cookies and will bring Jerry some tomorrow.
Olivia: Who are you voting for in this election? Oliver: Liberals as always. Olivia: Me too!! Oliver: Great
Olivia and Olivier are voting for liberals in this election.
Tim: Hi, what's up? Kim: Bad mood tbh, I was going to do lots of stuff but ended up procrastinating Tim: What did you plan on doing? Kim: Oh you know, uni stuff and unfucking my room Kim: Maybe tomorrow I'll move my ass and do everything Kim: We were going to defrost a fridge so instead of shopping I'll eat some defrosted veggies Tim: For doing stuff I recommend Pomodoro technique where u use breaks for doing chores Tim: It really helps Kim: thanks, maybe I'll do that Tim: I also like using post-its in kaban style
Kim may try the pomodoro technique recommended by Tim to get more stuff done.
Edward: Rachel, I think I'm in ove with Bella.. rachel: Dont say anything else.. Edward: What do you mean?? rachel: Open your fu**ing door.. I'm outside
Edward thinks he is in love with Bella. Rachel wants Edward to open his door. Rachel is outside.
Sam: hey overheard rick say something Sam: i don't know what to do :-/ Naomi: what did he say?? Sam: he was talking on the phone with someone Sam: i don't know who Sam: and he was telling them that he wasn't very happy here Naomi: damn!!! Sam: he was saying he doesn't like being my roommate Naomi: wow, how do you feel about it? Sam: i thought i was a good rommate Sam: and that we have a nice place Naomi: that's true man!!! Naomi: i used to love living with you before i moved in with me boyfriend Naomi: i don't know why he's saying that Sam: what should i do??? Naomi: honestly if it's bothering you that much you should talk to him Naomi: see what's going on Sam: i don't want to get in any kind of confrontation though Sam: maybe i'll just let it go Sam: and see how it goes in the future Naomi: it's your choice sam Naomi: if i were you i would just talk to him and clear the air
Sam is confused, because he overheard Rick complaining about him as a roommate. Naomi thinks Sam should talk to Rick. Sam is not sure what to do.
Neville: Hi there, does anyone remember what date I got married on? Don: Are you serious? Neville: Dead serious. We're on vacation, and Tina's mad at me about something. I have a strange suspicion that this might have something to do with our wedding anniversary, but I have nowhere to check. Wyatt: Hang on, I'll ask my wife. Don: Haha, someone's in a lot of trouble :D Wyatt: September 17. I hope you remember the year ;)
Wyatt reminds Neville his wedding anniversary is on the 17th of September. Neville's wife is upset and it might be because Neville forgot about their anniversary.
John: Ave. Was there any homework for tomorrow? Cassandra: hello :D Of course, as always :D John: What exactly? Cassandra: I'm not sure so I'll check it for you in 20minutes. John: Cool, thanks. Sorry I couldn't be there, but I was busy as stupid boss as always was trying to piss me off Cassandra: No problem, what did he do this time? John: Nothing special, just the same as always, treating us like children, commanding to do this and that... Cassandra: sorry to hear that. but why don't you just go to your chief and tell him everything? John: I would, but I don't have any support from others, they are like goddamn pupets and pretend that everything's fine...I'm not gonna fix everything for everyone Cassandra: I understand...Nevertheless, just try to ignore him. I know it might sound ridiculous as fuck, but sometimes there's nothing more you can do. John: yeah I know...maybe some beer this week? Cassandra: Sure, but I got some time after classes only...this week is gonna be busy John: no problem, I can drive you home and we can go to some bar or whatever. Cassandra: cool. ok, I got this homework. it's page 15 ex. 2 and 3, I also asked the others to study another chapter, especially the vocabulary from the very first pages. Just read it. John: gosh...I don't know if I'm smart enough to do it :'D Cassandra: you are, don't worry :P Just circle all the words you don't know and we'll continue on Monday. John: ok...then I'll try my best :D Cassandra: sure, if you will have any questions just either text or call me and I'll help you. John: I hope I won't have to waste your time xD Cassandra: you're not wasting my time, I'm your teacher, I'm here to help. This is what I get money for, also :P John: just kidding :D ok, so i guess we'll stay in touch then Cassandra: sure, have a nice evening :D John: you too, se ya Cassandra: Byeeeee
John didn't show up for class due to some work issues with his boss. Cassandra, his teacher told him which exercises to do, and which chapter to study. They are going to meet up for a beer sometime this week after class.
Sarah: I found a song on youtube and I think you'll like it James: What song? Sarah: <file_other> James: Oh. I know it! James: I heard it before in some compilation Sarah: I can't stop playing it over and over James: That's exactly how I know lyrics to all of the songs on my playlist :D Sarah: Haha. No lyrics here though. Instrumental ;D James: Instrumental songs are different kind of music. James: But you have to remember that the activity you do when you listen to this song James: Is the actvity your brain will connect to the song James: And everytime you play this song at home James: You'll be thinking of your work Sarah: Yeah, I know that. That's why we sometimes say - I used to like that song, but now it just reminds me of bad memories James: Yup. Everytime you change your partner, you have to get rid of your favorite music :D Sarah: Hahaha. True, true.
Sarah sends James an instrumental song he might like. James knows the song. The brain connects the songs to the context they were played in and brings to mind the associated memories.
Noah: When and where are we meeting? :) Madison: I thought you were busy...? Noah: Yeah, I WAS. I quit my job. Madison: No way! :o :o :o Why? I thought you liked it...? Noah: Well, I used to, until my boss turned into a complete cock... Long story.
Noah wants to meet, he quit his job, because his boss was a dick.
Matt: Do you want to go for date? Agnes: Wow! You caught me out with this question Matt. Matt: Why? Agnes: I simply didn't expect this from you. Matt: Well, expect the unexpected. Agnes: Can I think about it? Matt: What is there to think about? Agnes: Well, I don't really know you. Matt: This is the perfect time to get to know eachother Agnes: Well that's true. Matt: So let's go to the Georgian restaurant in Kazimierz. Agnes: Now your convincing me. Matt: Cool, saturday at 6pm? Agnes: That's fine. Matt: I can pick you up on the way to the restaurant. Agnes: That's really kind of you. Matt: No problem. Agnes: See you on saturday. Matt: Yes, looking forward to it. Agnes: Me too.
Matt invites Agnes for a date to get to know each other better. They'll go to the Georgian restaurant in Kazimierz on Saturday at 6 pm, and he'll pick her up on the way to the place.
Lucas: Hey! How was your day? Demi: Hey there! Demi: It was pretty fine, actually, thank you! Demi: I just got promoted! :D Lucas: Whoa! Great news! Lucas: Congratulations! Lucas: Such a success has to be celebrated. Demi: I agree! :D Demi: Tonight at Death & Co.? Lucas: Sure! Lucas: See you there at 10pm? Demi: Yeah! See you there! :D
Demi got promoted. She will celebrate that with Lucas at Death & Co at 10 pm.
Mark: I just shipped the goods Mark: Tomorrow I’ll send you the tracking number George: Thanks!
Mark just shipped the goods and he will send George the tracking number tomorrow.
Anita: I'm at the station in Bologna Jenny: No problems so far? Anita: no, everything's going smoothly Tomy: good!
Anita is at Bologna station.
Leon: did you find the job yet? Arthur: no bro, still unemployed :D Leon: hahaha, LIVING LIFE Arthur: i love it, waking up at noon, watching sports - what else could a man want? Leon: a paycheck? ;) Arthur: don't be mean... Leon: but seriously, my mate has an offer as a junior project manager at his company, are you interested? Arthur: sure thing, do you have any details? Leon: <file_photo> Arthur: that actually looks nice, should I reach out directly to your friend or just apply to this email address from the screenshot? Leon: it's his email, you can send your resume directly and I will mention to him who you are :)
Arthur is still unemployed. Leon sends him a job offer for junior project manager position. Arthur is interested.
Macca: i'm so exited today Adrien: why? Macca: I've never done ice climbing before Mark: Are you ready? Macca: think so Tobias: where are you doing this? Macca: not far from Reykjavik Macca: Has anybody seriously injured themselves doing this? Mark: not seriously Adrien: I didn't know you're in Iceland! Macca: hahaha, doesn't sound so good Mark: no need to be afraid Macca: gosh, it was such a rush Mark: did you enjoy it? Macca: every second Macca: it was not very cold Macca: the landscapes were magnificent Mark: I'm glad to read that Macca: Challenge of the day done!
Macca has done ice climbing for the first time today, close to Reykjavik. He enjoyed it very much.
Isabella: fuck my life, I'm so not able to get up to work today Isabella: I need to call in sick :( Oscar: haha, well you certainly had a good time at the Christmas party yesterday XD Isabella: shut up, you're a traitor Isabella: I told you to guard my glass Isabella: and my sobriety. You clearly failed! Oscar: but you were having such fun, I didn't have a heart to stop it Oscar: <file_photo> Oscar: <file_photo> Isabella: you're so dead! Is that Jimmy from marketing department? Oscar: yes indeed, it's him :D Isabella: I am a fallen woman, I cannot get back to the office now Isabella: <file_gif> Oscar: oh come on, almost everybody was drunk Oscar: so they won't remember a thing :D Isabella: I assure you, they tend to remember such things… Oscar: <file_gif>
Isabella feels bad after the Christmas party. She got drunk. She is ashamed to go back to work.
Tina: I'd only like to remind you that you owe me 50 bucks Lucy: Of course, I know. Lucy: I've already transferred the money but it's Sunday today so you'll have it in your bank account tomorrow Tina: That's good news cuz I've been having a lot of expenses lately
Lucy owes Tina 50 dollars. She made a transfer but it is Sunday so the payment will be on Tina's account on Monday. Tina needs the money because she has been having expanses recently.
Betty: Please remind me next time that too much wine isn't good for me and me surrounding Betty: Hangover is one thing Betty: But I feel like never touching wine again Amber: Hahaha. You were so drunk with wine last night, you couldn't walk straight even 5 steps Amber: You took off your weeding ring and shouted "My precious" Betty: Uhh. I have no blackouts so I know exactly what to feel embarassed about....
Betty feels remorse she got drunk last night and went out of control.
Mary: Hi Mike! Mike: Hello :) Mary: do u have any plans for tonight? Mike: I'm going to visit my grandma. Mike: You can go with me. Mike: She likes u very much. Mary: Good idea, i'll buy some chocolate for her.
Mike and Mary are going to visit Mike's grandma tonight. Mary will buy her some chocolate.
Laura: ok , I'm done for today-) Laura: let me know once u're free and we come back home together Kim: hmm.. 7? Laura: ok Kim: cool, wait for me at work, I'll call once I get here
Laura will pick up Kim from work around 7, and they will come back home together.
Ashley: Guys, you have to read this book! <file_photo> Marcus: Why, what's so special about it? Erin: I think I've already heard about it from someone. Is it really that good? Ashley: It's the best thing I've ever read! Completely life-changing! It's opened my eyes to a lot of things. Seamus: Sorry, but I don't like books that are written to change my life. I prefer books that are simply fun to read :P Marcus: I get what you mean. I feel like some authors are so concentrated on making their books full of wisdom that they completely forget that they should also be readable. Erin: Do you mean Coelho? XD Marcus: No, while I'm not a fan of his, at least I've never fallen asleep while reading his books. I meant this one for example: <file_other> Ashley: Erm, I quite like his books. Seamus: Did they change your life too? :D Ashley: Wait, I meant Coelho. I've never read the other guy. Marcus: Trust me, don't. There are lots of better ways of wasting your time. Ashley: LOL, okay, I trust you. But the one I posted at the beginning is really good. It's not just some philosophical gibberish, it's actually a crime novel, so there's a lot of action too. Erin: Does it have a cute detective? ;) Ashley: Even two of them, actually. Believe me, you won't be able to decide which one to love more! Erin: Okay, I'm already sold :D
Erin is convinced by Ashley's book recommendations, while Seamus and Marcus aren't.
Aria: You won't believe who I've just met! Aria: Charlie Evans! Maverick: Oh God, I haven't seen him from ages! Maverick: How is he doing? Aria: He's doing great. :) Aria: He got married, he runs a small family business, which he is very passionate about and generally he seems to be a happy and fulfilled man. :) Aria: Oh, and he has two absolutely adorable daughters. :) Aria: It was so nice to meet him, he's such a sweet soul. Maverick: I’m glad to hear that. :) Maverick: Time flies so fast, doesn't it? Aria: It does. :) Recently I’ve met Cooper Roy, I'm sure you remember him, I constantly talked about him back then in high school, because I had a huge crush on him. He’s changed a lot! Aria: I barely recognized him! Maverick: I remember, how you and Kylie used to gossip about him all the time. :) Aria: Well, we were madly in love with him. Aria: Or at least we thought so. ;) Maverick: I sometimes miss those times. Maverick: Everything seemed to be easier, better and calmer back then. Aria: The world wasn’t as crazy as it is now. Aria: I feel like politics got crazier, people - more radical and hostile and economics - less predictable... Maverick: Me too...:(
Aria has just run into Charlie Evans. He is now married, with two daughters, and a family business. She has also met Cooper Roy from high school. She used to have a crush on him, now she almost didn't recognise him. Maverick and Aria miss the old times and think the world has changed for the worse.
Anna: where are you Omenah: at home Anna: I will be there in a minute
Omenah is at home, Anna will be there in a minute.
Renee: Just saying Hi. Thought of you this morning.Layla misses you. She is having knee surgery. Hope you are doing well. Rachel: Renee! Hey! Whoa! So crazy that you wrote. I was literally thinking of you the other day as well. Rachel: I am doing really well, getting settled here and everything. Looking for a new job. Rachel: Layla is getting knew surgery?! What happened? Renee: Her arthritis got really bad. I saw her limping every time we went out for a walk, and so I took her to the vet and they decided she needs surgery. Rachel: Oh wow. That is really intense. I am sending her lots of love. Renee: Thanks Rachel. Renee: Here is a pic of Layla from this morning. Renee: <file_picture> Renee: She is all cute in her usual spot. Rachel: Ha! Yeah, I remember, she would always try to fit in there even though she's obviously too big Rachel: 😂 Renee: Yeah, she's always getting into some sort of silly situations. Renee: What kind of work are you looking for? Rachel: Just the usual, something with teaching. I am not too stressed yet, I have some savings. Renee: That's good, yeah, you don't want to have to feel pressured into taking a certain job. Renee: Just so you know, if you are ever back, you are more than welcome to come back and work for me. Renee: Layla is definitely missing you taking her on walks everyday. Rachel: Aw, yeah, I miss you guys too. Of course :) If I am ever back I will let you know!
Layla the dog misses Rachel. She is having a knee surgery, because of arthritis. Renee sends a picture of her dog. Rachel getting settled and she's looking for a job in teaching.
Jonas: I’m running 10 minutes late. Could you guys just let Mary know that I’m coming and will present today before she starts? Natalie: Sure no problem Olivia: I’ll save a seat for you 😍 Jonas: Thanks so much. See you in a bit xx
Jonas will be 10 minutes late. Natalie will let Mary know Jonas will present before she starts.
Julius: dude, your assessment of manutd Lawrence: i have nothing to say, im so offended and hopeless of them this season Julius: me too Lawrence: i dont even know whats wrong with the team Julius: the quality is there but nothing is happening Lawrence: the players look tired of something Julius: with mourinhos conservative football!! Lawrence: its so boring Julius: so lifeless Lawrence: man!! Julius: it needs to change, hope the board sees it Lawrence: sooner than later Julius: yeah Lawrence: yeah
Lawrence doesn't like the play of Manchester United. He and Julius complain about the team and Mourinho's style.
Jade: are you going to that trip Wayne: was Jade: what do you mean Wayne: its portponed Jade: are you kidding me XD Wayne: im serious, why surprised Jade: i had to go home and miss it xD Wayne: oh, cool you can make it when we go Jade: yea, yesss Wayne: :D
The trip Wayne was going to go on was postponed. Now Jade will be able to go to.
Natalie: are you still going to Thailand? Jason: yeah, next week as planned Jason: why? Natalie: could you buy me some spices? Natalie: I can't find anything similar here Natalie: and I really like those Jason: sure, if you'll send me all the names Jason: you know, I'm not very good when it comes to remembering those Natalie: of course, I will take pictures of the ones I have to make it easier Jason: great and just to be sure remind me about that in two weeks or so Jason: I might have other things on my mind and I tend to forget things easily :) Natalie: that shouldn't be a problem :)
Jason is going to Thailand next week. Natalie will send him pictures of the spices she wants him to buy for her. Then she will remind him about it in two weeks.
Elisa: Who wants to come for drinks tonight at Mombasa? Alice: me! Sadie: I'm in as well Carol: may I bring some people? Elisa: sure, the more the better! Carol: amazing Arthur: count me in! I'll come with Alice of course Liam: me too! Kai: I will join you but after my courses, around 8 Elisa: No problem, we'll be there till midnight at least Tom: i may come over :) Elisa: Anybody else? I'd like to book the corner table Tom: the big one? Elisa: exactly John: So count me in as well Elisa: Perfect, the table is for 15 people so we should manage! See you there
Elisa, Sadie, Carol, Liam, Tom and John want to go for drinks tonight at Mombasa. Arthur will come with Alice. Kai will join them around 8. Elisa will book the big corner table for 15 people.
Hal: Have you got any homework for tomorrow? Amy: no dad Hal: ru sure? Amy: told ya Hal: You know mum's not home today. Amy: I know, I can use the microwave Hal: good girl. I'll be home around 6 Amy: yeah right Hal: what do you mean Amy: sry dad but you're never ever home at 6 Hal: i suppose you;re right. but I'll try today Amy: ok. can I go to Alex? Hal: ok, but be back home before 7. we'll have dinner together Amy: ok dad Hal: and if you really have no homework to do Amy: sure thing dad
Amy and Hal will have dinner together when he is back home before 7.
Ray: Hey guys, I don't know if you heard but someone stole my bike yesterday so I'm going to post it on fb and would appreciate if you share! THX Sam: shit, man, sorry to hear, I will share for sure Luke: when was it, Ray? I had mine stolen last month around when I parked around on the 9th street Ray: Mine was there too :( cops said it's a common area for it to happen but I still havent lost hope :( Scott: Did they check the security cameras around the place? Maybe Mariott people saw someone? Ray: Apparently they don't overlook that area... Luke: Yeah, cops were completely useless too, I ended up going to Mariott on my own and asking people but they didn't see anything. I emailed their manager if they could look at the tapes but because of privacy issues blah blah blah it was a no go... Good luck man! Ray: I mean those guys are pros... I had high grade lock on mine and an app alert and it didn't do shit. Now I'm out few grand and pissed off Scott: I would be too. Did you post posters in the area? it's a busy street so maybe someone saw something Ray: Yeah, I'm getting around to it now and I really hope that smeone was sober enough to notice anything. I mean it's a custom bike so I hope if they try to get rid of it it will rise suspicion Luke: I think it might ve already been turned into parts and shipped off. Even if you wanted to keep it and painted it, you could still recognize it Ray: I know, that's why I wanna reach as many people as posible,maybe they ll get spooked and leave it somewhere Sam: Let us know if you need someone to go dumpster diving with Ray: Heh, thx Sam! I appreciate all help
Ray's bike was stolen from the 9th street yesterday even though it was secured. It was a custom bike so now Ray's out few grand. Ray wants to post posters in the area so they'll get scared and leave it somewhere. Luke had one stolen last month from the same area. Sam wants to help out.
Eric: Champions League is coming soon :D Curtis: Oh, yea I forgot about that. Curtis: when exactly? Eric: 26th of June Eric: but there is still a very long way. Curtis: any predictions? Eric: It's too early for that. Curtis: True, last year you were betting a lot Eric: I lost a lot :P Eric: I'm gonna roar back this year :) Curtis: good luck, I'm not into risking money Eric: You have 50% chance to win. Curtis: I'll pass anyway. Eric: okay
Eric wants to bet during the Champions League this year although he lost a lot of money last year. Curtis won't bet.
Gunther: did you pay for coffee? Chandler: uhh.. i guess not xDbut it's okay i'll pay him tomorrow Gunther: -_-
Chandler will pay for his coffee tomorrow.
Karen: <file_photo> Jennifer: OH. MY. GOD. is that you?? I would not recognize you haha Karen: of course it's me, i always look like that hahaha Jennifer: oh god Karen you look so hot in this picture Abigail: i would not recognize you either :D why where you so dressed up? Karen: it was our 5th anniversary dinner Abigail: Mark is such a lucky guy Meggy: i agree with the girls, you look OUTSTANDING Karen: thank you sisters!!! :*** that's so sweet of you Jennifer: where did you buy this dress? i need one like it too Abigail: i was gonna ask the same thing! Meggy: chill out girls, we can't all buy the same clothes, i need it more hahaha Karen: <file_other> Meggy: first come, first serve!! I am ordering it Karen: give the rest a chance too haha Jennifer: let her have it :P
Karen looked very good on her 5th anniversary dinner with Mark.
Ted: Any news about weekend? Jake: About the reunion? Pia: I am available! Did we talk where? Jessica: If I move some things around, I can too! Ted: Great! we should set the place then Jake: Whoa! I didn't say I could Ted: Can you? Jake: Hell yeah man! You know I freelance, worst case scenario I'll work from wherever we are Ted: Lucky bastard Jessica: We should meet up where we did last time, it's perfect middle for everyone Ted: I agree Pia: Friday night then? Jess: Sure Ted: It's a date, I'll book rooms Jake: See you soon my peeps!
Ted, Jake, Pia, Jessica and Jess are having a reunion this Friday at the same place as the previous one.
Bradley: It's very safe. Not like they make it look on TV Julianna: Hehe I told them that also that tv will never show anything nice Bradley: True... Julianna: But in general I think Europe is safer because here we have different law. I mean we have too much law Bradley: Haha Julianna: E.g here if a teacher even touches a children's arm, he or she can have problems with police and law. Because it might be a sign of pedophilia or children sexual harassment Bradley: Ok Julianna: That's sick a bit hehe but on the other hand sometimes it's ok Bradley: Haha ok how ? Julianna: Because there are pedophiles in that world Bradley: They are everywhere Julianna: And when someone hits a child that person should be punished
Julianna tells Bradley about Europe's law and the approach towards pedophiles.
Lucia: I need my hair cut. Lucia: When can I come? I've got some time on Thursday and Friday. Eric: Lucia! My dear! Eric: Are you sure? After all, you had your hairstyle done a week ago. Eric: What's the matter? Don't you like it? Lucia: I like it very much and I regret to lose it. Lucia: But I'm changing the job and my hair must be shorter... Eric: I see. You'll tell me everything in detail once you're here, in my beauty salon. Eric: I suggest Friday at 3 p.m. Is it fine for you? Lucia: Sure, perfect. Eric: Fantastic, have a nice day then. Lucia: Thanks, bye.
Lucia needs a new hairstyle due to a change of work and she makes an appointment with Eric for Friday 3 p.m.
Gabriella: Hey Jasmine, how are you doing? Jasmine: I’m fine, thanks 😊 Gabriella: Would you do me a favor? Jasmine: No problem. How can I help? Gabriella: I need to send my CV in English to a truly perfect job for me and I’m wondering if you could take a look at it? Jasmine: Sure! Send it to me 😊 Gabriella: Done 😊 Jasmine: Got it. Give me an hour and I’ll check it Gabriella: Perfect! Thank you soooo much! Jasmine: I’ve checked it. I must say that there wasn’t much to correct. It was practically perfect. I just fixed a little bit grammar and a few spelling mistakes. Gabriella: I know how great you are at spelling! Jasmine: Thanks Gabriella. I hope that you will get that job! Gabriella: I hope so, too. Jasmine: I’ll keep my fingers crossed 😊
Gabriella asked Jasmine to check her CV which is in English. She's applying for a perfect job. Jasmine checked it and did only minor corrections. She hopes Gabriella will get the job.
Grace: Hey lady Grace: Today I saw you in town. Ruth: Really? Ruth: Why didn't you stop me? Grace: You were in Galitos and I could not have stormed in just to greet you. Ruth: Of course you would have. Ruth: There is no harm in doing that. Grace: 😂😂The embarrassment though. Ruth: Furthermore I would have given you a piece of my pizza.😂 Grace: Pizza is bomb🤤 Grace: Be sure next time i will not need any invitation😂 Ruth: You are still welcome🤣 Grace: Okay. BTW, do you think we can catch up some time? Ruth: Yeah sure. Just say the day. Grace: Tomorrow? Ruth: I'm in. Grace: Okay see you then Ruth: Bye
Grace saw Ruth in Galitos but she thought it would be embarassing to get in and greet her. They will meet tomorrow.
Kerri: Did you see the apartment? Stella: yes brb Kerri: ok Stella: Sorry I was driving Stella: I saw it yesterday but it was already dark so I want to go again to see it in the morning Stella: First of all, its really big, 130 sqm Kerri: WOW Stella: I could split it into 2 apartments Stella: 90 and 40 sqm more or less Kerri: Or 80 and 50? Stella: Not really, there's only one way to split it Stella: So I could stay in the big one with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms Kerri: Sounds good Stella: I want to see it in the morning Stella: The agent said the bedrooms are very sunny in the morning Stella: Maybe I'll go tomorrow Kerri: Took some photos? Stella: <file_photo> Stella: <file_photo> Stella: <file_photo> Kerri: Nice!!! Kerri: The kitchen looks fantastic Kerri: Its huge Stella: It's the size of my living room! Stella: We obviously don't need 3 bedrooms Stella: But I could have a decent home office at last Kerri: Has Greg seen it? Stella: No, he's away this week
Stella wants to see the apartment in the morning. She plans to split it into 2 apartments.
Andrea: hey Babes, how's it going? I've got some job to do. 20 short texts for an online shop. 50% for correction. Deadline in two weeks. Will you help me? Sondra: Hi, sorry I don't think Im gonna make it. It is hard these days. Andrea: ? Sondra: My cat is dying and nanny's leaving... :/ Andrea: damn.. sorry to hear that. I f you could give me someone, maybe you know somebody suitable? I know aleady Jill can't do it :/ Sondra: Jill is the best. Other people need assitance. Do you want these contacts? Andrea: not really... Sondra: :) Andrea: If you found a window in a spacetime, please let me know. Ill get the texts on Friday. Sondra: OK, but I dont think it will happen. The first window I see is probably in June. Andrea: I understand. I hope the kitty is going to make it, I keep my fingers crossed for him.. Sondra: In march Im gonna have as many as ONE free evening if everything goes well. Thanks he is still alive, maybe he is stronger than it looks now. Andrea: <file_gif>
Andrea must correct 50% of 20 short texts for an online shop. She has a deadline in two weeks. Sondra cannot help Andrea, because her cat is dying and nanny's leaving. Jill also cannot help. Sondra will probably have only one free evening in March and more free time probably in June.
Victor: do you want to go to the museum tonight? Victor: there's a great exhibition about cubism going on Charles: you know i hate museums! lol Charles: i'd rather watch paint dry hahaha Victor: i know you hate museums... Victor: BUT tonight special Charles: why? Victor: because tonight is opening night!!! :-D Charles: what makes it different? Victor: there's food, music, VIPs, everyone dresses up, it's just fun Victor: it's upscale fun :-D Victor: come on! be my plus 1!!! Charles: i guess if you're asking me that means tons of people have said no Charles: i'm sure i'm not at the top of your list lol Charles: am i right? lol Victor: hahaha you're right... Victor: but the only reason you were not at the top of my list is becase i know it's not your thing Victor: i promise you it'll be fun Victor: and if you don't like it we'll go to a sports bar afterwards and i'll treat you to all the beer you want Charles: hahaha, ok, that sweetens the pot Charles: i'll go with you
Charles will go with Victor to the museum tonight. There is an opening of an exhibition about cubism. There'll be food, music and VIPs.
William: Hey. Today i saw you were arguing with Blackett. William: Are you guys fine? Elizabeth: Hi. Sorry you had to see us argue. Elizabeth: It was just a small misunderstanding but we will solve it. William: Hope so William: You think I should to talk to him about it? Elizabeth: No don't Elizabeth: He won't like it that we talked after the argument. William: Ok. But if you need any help, don't hesitate to call me Elizabeth: Definitely
Elizabeth had an argument with Blackett today, but she doesn't want William to intermeddle.
Henry: Hey Lily, tried to catch you on landline but no answer. Gone already? Let me know when we can talk. Lily: Am driving to town. Henry: OK Henry: Before we talk: I bumped into William in the street yesterday and we ended up in a pub. Poor chappy! Really. He'll never recover from his loss. En passant I mentioned our trip to Riehen next week and had an impression he'd be happy to be taken along. What d'you think? Henry: I thought it doesn't matter that much to us and he's a nice chap, interesting to talk to, good company. And he seems sort of famished for company, old friends around him. You know what I mean. Henry: And that could be our good deed before Xmas! ;) Lily: Traffic was soooooo slow but I couldn't really reply. In the lecture now. Lily: I always liked William, have no problem with him joining us to Riehen. How do you imagine that? Henry: He'll come to FR, leave his car in my drive and in mine we'll pick you up. Lily: Very good. A coffee at mine before we start? Henry: I thought maybe a meal together afterwards? Lily: Even better. I like that! Haven't seen him for ages, so glad to meet him again. Lily: Will you arrange it all? Henry: Sure. But get prepared: he has aged. Quite visible now. Lily: But not mentally I hope? Henry: No, intellectually not at all. But there's this sadness around him. An air of depression. Lily: We'll cheer him up. If only for a day. Have to finish now. Cheers!
Henry and Lily take William with them to Riehen. They will meet with him for a coffee before they start, and eat a meal together afterwards.
Linda: I'm going to have my room painted Linda: Can't decide what colors would best express my personality Linda: I'm considering advices, do you have one for me maybe? :) Brian: Fitting your personality... hmm Brian: I consider you an enthusiastic and lively person and the color for it is yellow Brian: On the other hand you can be calm and steady and they say those qualities are expressed in greyness Brian: So yellow & grey, how do you like the idea? :D Linda: Wow, I'm impressed! Linda: You've just paid me a compliment and come up with interesting colors! Brian: Well, those are actually facts :) Brian: Are you going to make use of the colors? Linda: Actually, I was planning to ask a few friends and then sum all the ideas up Linda: But now I think I don't need to do any further research Linda: Asking you for help was a bull's-eye! :D Brian: Perfection! :D Brian: I'll come and check the results of your work soon, it'll be a nice chance for us to talk :) Linda: Sure, feel invited!
According to Brian, colors that match Linda's personality are yellow and grey.
Juliette: So what? Tell me Jimmy: One minute Juliette: What did the doctor say? Jimmy: It's almost finished, wait a second Juliette: Is it so serious? Should I be afraid? Jimmy: OK, just finished Juliette: So, tell me, I can't wait longer Jimmy: Acute gastritis Juliette: What's that? Jimmy: Acid attacks in the stomach Juliette: It's not a cancer? Jimmy: No, it's not Juliette: Is this sure? Jimmy: Yes, darling Juliette: You're not lying to me ? Jimmy: No, darling, please believe me Juliette: And how can we cure this? Jimmy: Just a few tablets for a month and that should be enough Juliette: I'm so glad it's not a cancer Jimmy: :000 Juliette: I love you Jimmy: Me too
Jimmy is going to take medication for a month to cure his acute gastritis.
Mary: Hi <3 Peter: Hey gorgeous ;) Mary: What's up Peter: Not much, jsut thinking about you Mary: Aww I miss you so much :( Peter: I know baby but ill be back home in 2 days. The we can do whatever you want :* Mary: Whatever I want, huh? 3:) Peter: ;) Mary: I was actually hoping to cash in on that raincheck :) We haven't been on a date for quite a while... :/ Peter: I'ld like that :) Mary: :)
Peter will be back home in 2 days. Mary would like to go on a date when he gets back.
Francesca: It's 3 a.m. You're not asleep yet Jacob: What a stalker ;-) Francesca: :D Francesca: I cannot sleep Jacob: Me neither Francesca: Why? Jacob: I just can't. Thinking about stuff Francesca: Me too Francesca: Sometimes I wish I didn't think that much Jacob: What were you thinking about? Francesca: My mum, school, you... Jacob: Me? Francesca: I seen you've been sad recently Jacob: Maybe you're right Jacob: What about your mum? Francesca: I cannot understand Francesca: Why did she do it?? Francesca: Why would anyone want to kill themselves? Jacob: I could understand... Francesca: Are you serious? Do you have these thoughts? Jacob: Sometimes Francesca: Please don't... I beg you, don't do it...
Neither Francesca nor Jacob can sleep. Jacob has suicidal thoughts.
Ted: Feeling sorry for.. myself! Kelly: What’s happened? Are you ok? Ted: I’ve twisted my ankle Mike: what have you done? Victoria: bless you! x Oliver: too much to drink? Rob: all the best! Kelly: get well soon! Mary: oh dear! xxx Ted: cheers guys!
Ted has twisted his ankle.
Chloe: Hey, you told me about this cream that you find really good Julie: Ehhm yea, GlamRock Chloe: Where did you buy it? Julie: Online, there’s a shop called a GlamShop Chloe: Cool, thanks Julie: You said you’re broke now and not going to buy anything Chloe: I got money earlier than expected ^^ Julie: Oh I get it. So will you give me back the money I borrowed you? Chloe: Ah ofc, sending it right away Julie: Thanks, will help me a lot :) Chloe: Sth wrong? O.o Julie: Noo haha but me and Jake, we want to get a dog and there’s going to be a lot of costs, vet, vaccination, trying different types of food etc Chloe: A dog, cool, which breed? Julie: We just want to take some poor animal from the shelter, so it’s whatever. We want it to be big ;p Chloe: That’s so sweet of you! Yea you have a big house, you can have a big dog ^^ Julie: Many kids would fit in as well, but my husband’s not interested -_- Chloe: Seriously O>O Julie: He keeps saying that we need to wait until we pay more of our debts and that sort og stuff Chloe: Well, you never complain about money, youhave a big house, looks like you can afford kids! Julie: I thinks so too, but he doesn’t agree ;/ Chloe: Just stop taking pills, he’ll have no choice ;) Julie: That would be cruel xD
Julie recommends the GlamRock cream from the GlamShop. Chloe got the money early so she can pay back Julie. Julie and Jake are getting the dog so they need the money for extra dog-related expenses.
Pitt: Hey Teddy! Have you received my message? Teddy: No. An email? Pitt: No. On the FB messenger. Teddy: Let me check. Teddy: Yeah. Ta!
Teddy has a message from Pitt on Messenger.
Mary: Sorry, I didn't make it to your bday party :( Nick: It's OK... Mary: But I just got SOOO distracted! I forgot it was yesterday! Nick: do tell! Mary: I met this guy... Nick: REALLY? I want details :D Mary: Yeah, his name is Kirk and he's an architect... Nick: OK, just your type then <file_gif> Mary: And we ended up spending the whole week together. xD Nick: A WEEK? Mary: Yeah... It's madness, I'll tell you more this evening. Are we still on? Nick: You bet we are!
Mary didn't come to Nick's birthday party. She met an architect named Kirk. Mary and Nick will meet in the evening.
Connor: I'm too tired to come to the meeting I think Jade: decided? Isaiah: I didn't even have intention to go there really Connor: Yes, I'm going to bed
Connor will not attend the meeting, he has to rest. Isaiah never wanted to go.
Karen: Where'd you buy this dress you had at the wedding? Samara: Oh, from an online shop Samara: Hold on Samara: <file_other> Samara: That's the one Karen: Wow thanks Samara: Youre welcome! Karen: Oooh, they have some neat stuff there Samara: Yeah, I was so happy when i disovered it Samara: There's few places where I shop regularly, most of the time I'm kind of all over the place Karen: Same here Samara: But I've already bought several skirts and blouses from this shop too, so I'll probably become a more frequent customer ;)
Samara bought the dress she had at the wedding in an online shop and she was happy when she discovered it.
Gabi: What do you guys want for Christmas? Let's say up to $100. Jack: I need to think about it... Mary: I want cosmetics. I wouldn't say no to some good skin care. Kate: I dream about a Kindle!! Gabi: How about the rest? Jack: How about yourself? Gabi: I want a surprise gift. I think you all know me quite well. Peter: I need a set of drills. Later I'll pass you the Amazon link. John: I want new sneakers. Size 10. Jack: It seems you all thought it through. John: We do it every year. I was thinking about my gift already in September :D Jack: That's early! LOL Jack: Until when should I let you know? Gabi: In about a week we should all know so we have enough time for online orders etc.
Mary, Kate, Peter and John want various items for Christmas. Gabi wants a surprise. Jack is unsure what he wants. Jack should let the rest know within a week.
Daniel: Hi Jeff, I was just browsing thought your notes from yesterday and I have a couple of questions. Jeff: Shoot :) Daniel: Was Mindy there? Jeff: Yes, she was. Daniel: Could you please add her input on the first presentation? She must have said something since she's involved in phase one of the project Jeff: Actually, she didn't react that much Daniel: like not at all? Jeff: Wait a sec, let me double check
Jeff will double check Mindy's reaction, connected to her involvement in phase one of the project.
Client: Good afternoon. I suggest you adjust the timetable to the reality on the Polish roads. P6 bus Radom - Warsaw, arriving from Cracow, 40 minutes delay. Client: And it was not the first time, there was one hour delay not so long ago... Flix: Hi Marta. We are very sorry that the bus arrived late, but they are operational delays which we have no control over. Apologies. Client: But this happens too often. Why don't you consider rearranging the timetable?? Client: I was waiting at the station from 17.10, hoping to get the bus at 17.25. It arrived at 18.10. One hour waiting. Client: It hardly ever happens that the bus arrives on time. The timetable is too optimistic. I understand there are traffic jams but... Flix: Thank you for the information, we will inform our managers about it. Client: Can I make a formal complaint? I had a similar situation last year. Flix: Sure, you can send a complaint by email to Client: thanks, I will definitely. But I really hope you do something about it this time... Flix: yes, all complaints are addressed by our managers. Client: great. They should not just read them, but do something about it. Will you inform me about the status? Flix: We don't do that automatically, but you can call us and find out. You can find all the necessary info on our website. Client: Ok, I see. Flix: Once again apologies.
Client informs Flix about a 40 minutes delay of the bus from Radom to Warsaw. Flix explains that this is an operational delay. Client decides to make a formal complaint as it wasn't the first such delay.
Jeff: Are you ready for the hiking tomorrow? Ann: I've just packed Corina: is it going to be very difficult Jeff: this track is quite heavy Jeff: so please, take good shoes Maria: sure, how long is the track? Jeff: about 20km Jeff: let me check it Maria: thanks Jeff: 21,3 km Maria: but it's only to the lighthouse? Jeff: yes Maria: so we have to take a bus back Jeff: I think so, to walk back would be too tiring Corina: and too boring Corina: doing the same way again Jeff: true Jeff: so I'll check the busses Ann: great Jeff: yes, there is one at 5PM Maria: just perfect! Jeff: :)
Jeff, Ann, Corina, and Maria are going to hike tomorrow. Jeff reminds everyone to take good shoes, because they are going to walk over 20 km. Jeff, Ann, Corina, and Maria will take a bus on the way back at 5 PM.
Joyce: Guys, sorry I'm running late today! Will be there soon Andrew: I’m a wee bit late too but will be there before 8! Leaving soon Carla: On my way, with sipke😀 Anette: On the way kids Anette: In the first here wtf Helen: Where are yall Helen: Annette are you here? Helen: I'm at a table by one of the windows at the front!
Joyce and Andrew are running late. Carla and Anette are on their way. Helen is at a table by one of the windows at the front.
Aiden: Have you subscribed my channel? Mia: Nop I havent Aiden: :/ Mia: Whats the name? Aiden: Tuberflicks Mia: Send me the link Aiden: wait Mia: k Aiden: <file_link> Here you go Mia: It has pretty much grown now Aiden: Yeah it is Mia: Since when have you been working on it? Aiden: Its been 6 month now Mia: wow
Mia hasn't subscribed to Aiden's channel yet but she wants to. Aiden has been working on it for 6 months.
Oli: I've talked to some people from the third year Jacob: About the statistics exam? Marcia: What did they say? Oli: Yeah, about the exam Oli: We need to prepare for a battle Jacob: So it will be difficult Oli: They said it was the hardest exam ever Marcia: 😱 Oli: The questions were displayed on the screen Oli: One minute per question and it disappears Oli: They won't come back so if you didn't get your answer you're fucked Marcia: So we need to make the calculations really fast Jacob: That's insane Oli: I know Oli: Very stressful Marcia: How are we even supposed to study for it? Marcia: With a timer? Oli: I guess Marcia: Did anybody pass it last year Oli: Some people did, but the majority had to take the second or even the third chance
Oli, Jacob and Marcia have to prepare for a very hard statistics exam. Last year, people had only one minute to answer each question and then it disappeared.
Blake: Why did you tell Steven all those stupid things? Alexis: What things? Blake: That I did not want him. It's just not true and you know it. Alexis: I remember things differently, sorry. Blake: You're his mother, I cannot cut you from him, but I really believe you have a terrible influence on him. Alexis: I would rather say it about you. Blake: Please, stop. I've taken so much care of him in the last years and I always avoid talking with him about you. Alexis: Why should you avoid the topic? Is it better to pretend I do not exist? Blake: Nobody pretends that, but I don't want to drag him into our games. Your games, actually. Alexis: I don't know why I am still talking to you. You keep insulting and accusing me. Blake: I'm just trying to stop you from destroying our son's life. Alexis: I am his mother, I know what's good for him. Blake: No, you're using him for your stupid games against me. Alexis: You're really unbelievably self-centred. Blake: Alexis, it's not possible to talk to you any more. You're either aggressive or defensive. There is no discussion. Alexis: Try not to attack me first. This is a natural reaction to an attack of every human being, of every living creature actually. Blake: I tried to discuss how we are managing our relations with our son. Was it an attack? Alexis: No, you attacked me saying I told something to Steven that you apparently didn't like. But you will nor censor me. This time is over. Blake: For God's sake! Alexis: I've had enough. I am coming back to my work now. There is more in this world than your huge ego. Bye!
Blake believes that Alexis is trying to turn their son, Steven, against him and has bad influence on Steven. Alexis believes Blake is self-centered and often attacks her and accuses her of things she didn't do.
Roberta: <file_photo> Roberta: look what I found! Makoto: my dress! Roberta: you must have left it when you were visiting this summer Makoto: could you send it to me? Roberta: sure, I'll do so on Friday :)
Roberta found Makoto's dress and will send it to Makoto on Friday.
Sawyer: I hope I found you wrapped in a towel when you open the door Eleanor: No... I will be wearing sexy short black robe instead which is a little bit transparent Sawyer: It must be fully transparent then Eleanor: I'm general it is but it's black Sawyer: Hmmm Would you ever send me a photo of you wearing it ? Eleanor: When I take a shower and then I put it i always have to have underwear also. If not my flatmates would see what I have under the robe xd Eleanor: In the photo u can't see anything. Since last time I sent u a photo in it xd hahaha Sawyer: Hahaha and what if you take the photo when you're alone. So that only you and me can see Eleanor: But in the picture u can't see that it's transparent. U need to come here :) Sawyer: Maybe take a better one ? Eleanor: I can't Sawyer: Haha and your new phone will take better pictures Eleanor: The robe is a little bit transparent, :) so it's not possible that in the pic it will be visible Sawyer: Ok no worries
When Eleanor meets Sawyer, she will be wearing a slightly transparent black robe. Sawyer would like Eleanor to take a picture of herself in the robe, but the transparency is not visible on photos.
Sam: I'm so sorry. I can't make it on time. Sandra: Should we start without you? Sam: Please do. I'll be 30 min late. Staś: Ok
Sam will be 30 minutes late. Sandra and Staś will start without Sam.
Sam: I just got my 1st credit card! Tom: Well, congrats and sorry! Sam: Y sry? Tom: Aren't u afraid of getting into debts? Sam: No, not really. Should I be? Tom: I think u should.
Sam got her first credit card.
James: <file_video> James: My girlfriend is so creative :D Fred: Hahha. LOL James: She made me put the trash bin near the window outside James: So that she doesn't have to go outside and walk around the house to take out garbage James: She just opens the kitchen window and done Fred: If it's stupid but it works... James: It ain't stupid haha I know :D Fred: Congratulate her from me :D James: I will xD
James's girlfriend made him put the trash bin near the kitchen window outside so she can throw things out of the window.
Christopher: ok, people, I’ve got an idea Matthew: hmm? Christopher: let’s go abroad for the weekend 😀 tickets are cheap enough and I don’t know about you, but I’m bored. massively bored. Andrew: I’m out, guys… I just can’t leave Ann alone with the baby, sorry Christopher: Matthew, David? what about you? Matthew: I’m working this weekend 😕 David: well, if they can’t then I’m out as well Christopher: i hate you guys
To Christopher's frustration, Matthew, Andrew and David refuse to go abroad for the weekend.
Francine: hey hon Francine: how are you today? Francine: I hope our talk yesterday helped a bit Jessie: hiya Jessie: i'm still pretty overwhelmed Jessie: but I was able to calm down a little after we spoke Jessie: thank you for checking up on me <3 Jessie: a lot of people just don't know what to say, so they don't call... Francine: I'm always here if you need me Francine: that's what friends are for <3 Francine: seriously, whenever you need, just call me Jessie: 😭😭😭 Jessie: thank you <3 Francine: anytime <3
Francine and Jessie talked yesterday. The talk has been helpful for Jessie. Francine says she's always there for Jessie. Jessie is very thankful.
Maria: Guys, don't bring anything, I've cooked so much Andrew: We will bring some wine we bought in Italy last year Martha: Especially for a night like this Maria: How nice of you!! thanks
Maria has cooked a lot of food. Andrew will bring some Italian wine.
Hannah: The motherfucker took my spot again Pamela: Richard? Anne: I saw him parking...
Richard took Hannah's parking spot again. Anne saw it.
Sophia: What should I get them? Monica: How should I know? Sophia: come on help me out Monica: I dont know really Im bad at buying gifts Sophia: maybe some day spa gift card Monica: maybe Sophia: youre not really helpful :P Monica: Told ya... bad at gifts
Sophie doesn't know what to buy for a gift. She wants Monica's help. She is considering buying a day spa gift card. Monica is bad at buying gifts.
Yannick: I heard you are going to sing the anthem Yannick: At the game Nicki: Yes I am Nicki: I am nervous! Yannick: Dont be Yannick: It's a huge privilege to sing the anthem in front of thousands of people! Nicki: I hoep I won't forget the lyrics Nicki: hope* Yannick: Youre a great singer Yannick: You will be fine Nicki: I have to rehearse Yannick: Your parents coming with you? Nicki: Yes Yannick: They're probably proud of you good luck! Nicki: Thank you Yannick
Nicki is going to sing the anthem at the game.
Carter: <file_photo> Sure it's nearly Christmas, right Chloe!?! Chloe: Yes so it's time I bought you new socks ha Carter: Socks serve the purpose of keeping your feet warm, why do they have to be the same 😉 Victoria: I gave up for the second dive today. Felt like Christmas under there... and to cheer me up I bought myself a new shiny piece of gold Christmas! Love the unmatched socks 😍🤙🏼🤙🏼
Christmas is coming. Chloe will buy Carter new socks as he wears them unmatched. Victoria bought herself a new piece of gold equipment.
Ammalee: <file_photo> Ammalee: This lasted over a month.♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓ Ammalee: Could you recommend other styles? (?_?) Maryann: Ah! Hello Ma’am! Thank you for the good review! (^▽^) Maryann: Is there any style you want to do next time? Ammalee: Yes, I heard about Acrylic nails and Linen. Which one would be better? (´∀`) Maryann: If you want the nails to last longer I recommend you Acrylic rather than Linen. ✌️ Maryann: If you have any design in your mind, send me pictures. ☺️☺️☺️ Maryann: Then I could try them on your nails next time!!(^^)!!(^^)!!(^^)! Ammalee: Thanks, I will send you some pictures soon!
Ammalee sent Maryann a photo of her nails that lasted over a month. Maryann will try Acrylic instead Linen on Ammalee's nails next time. Ammalee will send Maryann a photo of a design that she would like to have on her nails.
Alan: sweetie when wil you be home? Joan: I'm studying with Laura after classes Dad Alan: will you be home by 7? Alan: I'm making my famous chicken wings :) Joan: dad my grades are important aren't they? Alan: more important than my wings? Alan: I'm hurt :D joking. study away!
Alan is making his famous chicken wings and would like Joan to be home by 7. Joan won't make it as she is studying with Laura.
Johny: That girl on Tuesday music video is sexy as fuck Luke: <file_video> Luke: This Tuesday? Johny: The main chick is worth breaking the rule of no-nut november Luke: Johny please find yourself a chick. Luke: fall for her Luke: Love her with all your heart Luke: And stop talking like an asshole Johny: Man, it's just a joke Johny: I have respect towards women Johny: At least when they deserve it :D Luke: Everyone deserces some respect bruh Johny: I know man, I'm just kidding LOL Luke: I know man, I'm just messing Johny: You feel like clubbing tonight? Johny: You could be my wingman xD Luke: <file_gif> Johny: What's with this facepalm? Luke: Get yourself Tinder and start hunting Johny: Hahaha. xD Johny: I undestand you don't wanna go? Luke: I've got plans for tonight Luke: So another time mate Johny: Chill. Another time
Johny wants to go out clubbing with Luke in order to meet a female partner. Luke has plans but he advises Johny to install Tinder. Luke critisizes Johny for speaking about women without much respect.
Frank: Hi Peter has brought me to Sports Direct store at the top of Rosie: Ok thanks will look out for you there Frank: We are on the ground floor Rosie: ok Frank: Outside Morrisons Rosie: On my way Frank: We might be upstairs later so look there too Rosie: ok I will - see you soon xxx
Rosie is on her way to meet Frank and will have to find him at Sports Direct.
Kyle: hey u got maths homework? Patrick: um.. not yet :D Kyle: hahaha what do you mean not yet Kyle: it's for tomorrow Kyle: i just reminded you didn't i hahahah Patrick: XD Kyle: well good luck then Patrick: tx xD guess i'm gonna need it XD
Kyle reminds Patrick about their math homework for tomorrow.
Ellen: Hi, honey, sorry I've been so unreachable lately, the redecoration is a nightmare. Kate: Don't worry, sweetie, what's wring with the redecoration? Ellen: Well, nothing's wrong per se, it's just it's taking so much time, I barely sleep nowadays... Kate: Isn't Paul helping you? Ellen: He's trying the best he can, but you know how men can be, he doesn't know what goes with what and I wouldn't trust him with our kitchen floor tiles... Kate: Oh, you're right. It's always women who take care of the aesthetics of it all... And they say we're only good in the kitchen. :D Ellen: Well, the kitchen is going to be spectacular so that part is true enough, LOL xD Kate: Can't wait to see it. When are you finishing? Ellen: I hope it will be ready by Christmas, but the workers are permanently late. Kate: Oh yes, one of their many 'qualities'... :D Ellen: Not that I don't like a beer now and then, but for Christs sake, they leave beer cans EVERYWHERE. How are they working if they're always tipsy?! Kate: Steady hand, they say, hahaha Ellen: Steady hand my ass, if they damage anything, I'm gonna kill them. Kate: LOL Ellen: Yeah, so to answer your question, the redecoration could go better but I'm counting on it to finish as quickly as possible. Kate: Keeping my fingers crossed, hun and I can't wait for the housewarming party. Ellen: You'll be the first to know!
Ellen and Paul are doing the redecoration and it takes a lot of time. They want to finish it by Christmas but workers are permanently late. Kate is looking forward for the housewarming party.
Paola: Guys, as I was saying I’d like to take you to the theatre. There’s a very good play this Friday and I can totally get you free tickets if you’re interested Paola: It’s about this Serbian family just after the war in Yugoslavia. It’s been a hist for a few years now and I’m happy to see they’re back on stage this season as well Paola: I’ve seen the play a few years ago and actually wrote a review of it, but would be happy to go with you and know what you think of it Austin: Oh wow that sounds great! Ofc I wanna go Nicola: Me too! Hope it’s after 6 pm? Paola: @Nicola, yes, it’s at 8.15 Paola: The theatre is called El Rincón de Sánchez <othre_file> Paola: We can meet there Austin: Sounds good. Nicola, would you like to go together? These long, lonely journeys on the bus are soooo boring Nicola: Ha ha, sure, I bet we can have a nice chat, especially if we actually walk a little bit. I’d suggest meeting at the entrance to the Alto Palermo shopping mall and walking from there Austin: Can I ask if it’s safe? 🙊 Nicola: Yeah, I do think so Austin: Splendid, let’s meet at the entrance to the Alto Palermo at 7.30 then Nicola: Cool, just to make sure, I mean this entrance: <file_other> Austin: 👍 Austin: Oh wait, will you have eaten? Perhaps we can grab a pizza or something Nicola: I’ll be coming straight from work so it sounds like the perfect plan Nicola: What do we have nearby Austin: There’s actually this place which sells empanadas which are not that bad just where we’re meeting. Not a grand dinner but enough for me Nicola: Yer, that would do. Let’s just meet at 7:15 in case there are many people in the line or you happen to prefer to eat the empanadas while standing rather than walking 😹 Austin: Lol sounds perfect Paola: I’ll see you at the theatre then. There’s nowhere to wait outside, so I’ll be waiting for you in the hall if that’s ok Austin: Totally Paola: See you soon then Nicola: Yep. Byeeee!
Paola and her friends are going to the theatre El Rincón de Sánchez on Friday. They are going to see a play about Serbian family just after the war in Yugoslavia. Nicola and Austin will go to the theatre together. They will eat empanadas on their way.
Harriet: Where are you? Vincent: In the cloister Charlotte: we're studying here today Charlotte: join us, we're waiting for Ben as well Harriet: It's too cold for me there Ben: I agree Harriet: I'll go to the library Ben: I'll join Harriet
Vincent and Charlotte are studying in the cloister today. Harriet and Ben will go to the library.
Hyatt: watch channel 6 now Nickleby: whats on? Hyatt: ah i see is that Stu? Palin: himself! Nickleby: couldnt miss it :)
Stu is on channel 6 now.
Leo: hey jess Jessie: hey Leo: so what're u doing this weekend Jessie: yea let me have a look at my tight schedule -_- Leo: yea who am i kidding. you're always free Jessie: so what up Leo: we could maybe go out Jessie: is it YOU who's asking Leo: what does that mean Jessie: its always me coming up with the ideas Leo: yea right Jessie: it is right Leo: so? Jessie: so i am right Leo: i mean what do you think Jessie: oh you mean for the weekend Leo: yea Jessie: yea okay, cool Leo: btw.. you still have to come up with a place to hangout xD Jessie: see.. ._. always Leo: it was my idea tho XD Jessie: WOW -_-
Jessie and Leo will hang out at the weekend, but Jessie has to come up with a place first.
John: do you play tennis? :-) Irma: i don't, why do you ask? John: you look like someone who plays tennis Irma: HAHAHAHA i'm literally loling Irma: i don't know what someone who plays tennis looks like John: hahah sorry that was a dumb comment John: anyway, would to enroll in a class with me? John: they're dirt cheap at the community center Irma: sounds good, i can wear one of my tennis outfits!! Irma: HAHAHA, i'm still laughing at your comment lol
Irma doesn't play tennis. John and Irma will enroll in tennis class at the community center.
Jack: Where are you? I can't find you. Olivia: carriage 3! Jack: I'm in 15 I believe :/ it's so crowded Olivia: But slowly you can get through. Jack: I am not sure, there are people sitting, staying, puking everywhere. It's a mess Olivia: C'mon, it's a busy weekend Jack: I already hate this trip. Olivia: Just don't make a drama, come here. Jack: Do you have the tickets? I can't find mine. Olivia: I have both of them, so you have no choice anyway. You should come here asap :P
Jack has to find Olivia in carriage 3, because she has their tickets.
Pete: Sup? Lionel: I'm at a meeting, can't talk. Pete: OK, sorry.
Lionel is in a meeting and can't talk.
Rob: need a car check, u know a good mechanic? Will: yeah, I have someone who fixed my fathers car Rob: you mean that shit on wheels? Will: now it's like an arrow Rob: than it's not a mechanic but a magician Will: well, kind of :D I'll give u a number Rob: great Will: u can say that I send u Rob: thanks buddy
Will gived Rob the number of the car mechanic who fixed Will's father's car.
Andrew: wow, weekend! finally! Andrew: this week's been pretty hard Nicky: yep, it was Nicky: work work work Andrew: we're starting a new project next month Andrew: and we do everything at a last moment, as usual ;) Rick: yeah, its always like that Rick: they dont usually plan in advance Nicky: they dont seem to learn their lessons;) Andrew: thats the point Andrew: anyways, I hope to have a good rest Rick: yeah, me too! Nicky: Im just gonna do nothing! Nicky: :D Rick: good idea! Andrew: Me too, I really need a break Andrew: sleep, in the first place Andrew: see kids Rick: ok take care guys! Nicky: talk to U later!
Andrew, Nicky and Rick had a hard week at work. They just want to rest and do nothing. Andrew has a new project next month, and now he just wants to sleep and see kids.
Olivia: hey Taylor: whats up? Olivia: I need your help with something haha Taylor: yeah? Olivia: I wanna post a pic on instagram and I have the pic but idk what to caption it lol Taylor: yeah! what picture ? Olivia: the one I sent yesterday by the lake? Taylor: ahhhh yes I love that one its amazing Olivia: yeah I really like it but Idk what to say haah Taylor: maybe something like " Summer Days" with the sun emoji Olivia: but is that cheesy? or to basic ahaha Taylor: nahh I think its ok, or maybe just the emoji and say nothing haha Olivia: yeah I could do that hahah Taylor: either way its a nice picture so whatever you say it will be fine Olivia: trueeee thanks for the help :))) Taylor: anytime gurlll :DD
Olivia doesn't know how to caption the photo she wants to put on Instagram. Taylor gives Olivia some hints.
John: Maybe some ride? Ian: Always!!! Ian: When and where? John: St.Monica, at 8.00, ok? Ian: ok!
Ian and John will meet at St. Monica at 8.00.
Ali: dude i need that hard drive Kane: come take it Ali: alright be there in a sec Kane: sure..
Ali is coming to Kane to get the hard drive.
Joshua: look out the window Noah: what's there? XD Joshua: do it :P Noah: oh wow Noah: so much snow :D when did this happen lol Joshua: :D Noah: it's definitely time to build a snowman! Joshua: build an Olaf :d Noah: ofc i will, he's my idol! Joshua: XD
It's snowing outside.
Greg: why don’t you answer my calls? Ava: cause I don’t want to talk to you anymore, so leave me the fuck alone Greg: but we haven’t talked things over yet Ava: and we won’t, because there’s not a fucking thing to talk about Greg: Ava, please Ava: I’m blocking you on fb. Goodbye Greg ❤
Ava doesn't want to talk to Greg any more and she's blocking him on Facebook.
Shelly: I'm looking for a fall coat, are there any good ones in today? Porter: We got some really nice wool ones in today. Come take a look! Shelly: I will! Be there on my lunch! Porter: You better take an early lunch, they will go fast! Shelly: Ooh! Okay!
During early lunchtime, Shelly will come to Porter to take a look at wool fall coats which have arrived today.
Connor: hello can you tell me what songs did they play at the gig in Berlin? Kyle: their official profile tweeted the set list a couple hours ago Connor: ok cool thanks Kyle: cheers
Connor is looking for a playlist from the Berlin concert. Kyle directs him to the band's official Twitter account.
Caleb: How are you guys? Jeniffer: very good, thanks Brooke: yes, it's very exciting here Caleb: where are you exactly? Jeniffer: Now in New York! Caleb: how cool! Caleb: what have you seen so far? Jeniffer: We've been to Connecticut and Massachusetts Jeniffer: But NYC is the best Brooke: you forgot about Rhode Island Jeniffer: right, such an important state! :P Brooke: ;) Caleb: you see, I knew you would like it Caleb: what do you like the most? Jeniffer: diversity! Jeniffer: something we don't have in Europe to that extend Jeniffer: you're walking down a street and you hear 15 different languages Brooke: and everything is exaggerated Brooke: too big, greater than needed, it's quite fascinating Brooke: food, buildings, cars, everything Caleb: I'm glad you enjoy it girls! Brooke: :*
Jeniffer and Brooke're in New York now. They've been also to Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The thing Jeniffer likes the most in America is diversity while in Brooke's opinion it's urban splendor.
Max: I'm so sorry Lucas. I don't know what got into me. Lucas: ....... Lucas: I don't know either. Mason: that was really fucked up Max Max: I know. I'm so sorry :(. Lucas: I don't know, man. Mason: what were you thinking?? Max: I wasn't. Mason: yea Max: Can we please meet and talk this through? Please. Lucas: Ok. I'll think about it and let you know. Max: Thanks...
Max is sorry about his behaviour so wants to meet up with Lucas and Mason. Lucas will let him know.
O'Neill: Is everything ok? O'Neill: I didn't hear back from you O'Neill: <file_gif> Ted: Hey Ted: I have been really busy today Ted: Sorry.. Ted: Yes everything is fine ;) Ted: I'll send you a photo later on :) O'Neill: Great!! 👏
O'Neill is worried about not having heard from Ted. Ted is fine and is going to send a photo later.
Tom: How’s the weather in Poland now? Justin: It’s getting cooler. Ain't no sunshine and winter’s coming 😊 Tom: Have you seen the last episode of Game of Thrones? Justin: Not yet. Can’t wait to see it 😊
It's getting cooler in Poland, because winter is coming. Justin hasn't seen the last episode of Game of Thrones yet.

Dataset Card for SAMSum Corpus

Dataset Summary

The SAMSum dataset contains about 16k messenger-like conversations with summaries. Conversations were created and written down by linguists fluent in English. Linguists were asked to create conversations similar to those they write on a daily basis, reflecting the proportion of topics of their real-life messenger convesations. The style and register are diversified - conversations could be informal, semi-formal or formal, they may contain slang words, emoticons and typos. Then, the conversations were annotated with summaries. It was assumed that summaries should be a concise brief of what people talked about in the conversation in third person. The SAMSum dataset was prepared by Samsung R&D Institute Poland and is distributed for research purposes (non-commercial licence: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

Supported Tasks and Leaderboards

[Needs More Information]



Dataset Structure

Data Instances

The created dataset is made of 16369 conversations distributed uniformly into 4 groups based on the number of utterances in con- versations: 3-6, 7-12, 13-18 and 19-30. Each utterance contains the name of the speaker. Most conversations consist of dialogues between two interlocutors (about 75% of all conversations), the rest is between three or more people

The first instance in the training set: {'id': '13818513', 'summary': 'Amanda baked cookies and will bring Jerry some tomorrow.', 'dialogue': "Amanda: I baked cookies. Do you want some?\r\nJerry: Sure!\r\nAmanda: I'll bring you tomorrow :-)"}

Data Fields

  • dialogue: text of dialogue.
  • summary: human written summary of the dialogue.
  • id: unique id of an example.

Data Splits

  • train: 14732
  • val: 818
  • test: 819

Dataset Creation

Curation Rationale

In paper:

In the first approach, we reviewed datasets from the following categories: chatbot dialogues, SMS corpora, IRC/chat data, movie dialogues, tweets, comments data (conversations formed by replies to comments), transcription of meetings, written discussions, phone dialogues and daily communication data. Unfortunately, they all differed in some respect from the conversations that are typ- ically written in messenger apps, e.g. they were too technical (IRC data), too long (comments data, transcription of meetings), lacked context (movie dialogues) or they were more of a spoken type, such as a dialogue between a petrol station assis- tant and a client buying petrol. As a consequence, we decided to create a chat dialogue dataset by constructing such conversa- tions that would epitomize the style of a messenger app.

Source Data

Initial Data Collection and Normalization

In paper:

We asked linguists to create conversations similar to those they write on a daily basis, reflecting the proportion of topics of their real-life messenger conversations. It includes chit-chats, gossiping about friends, arranging meetings, discussing politics, consulting university assignments with colleagues, etc. Therefore, this dataset does not contain any sensitive data or fragments of other corpora.

Who are the source language producers?



Annotation process

In paper:

Each dialogue was created by one person. After collecting all of the conversations, we asked language experts to annotate them with summaries, assuming that they should (1) be rather short, (2) extract important pieces of information, (3) include names of interlocutors, (4) be written in the third person. Each dialogue contains only one ref- erence summary.

Who are the annotators?

language experts

Personal and Sensitive Information

None, see above: Initial Data Collection and Normalization

Considerations for Using the Data

Social Impact of Dataset

[Needs More Information]

Discussion of Biases

[Needs More Information]

Other Known Limitations

[Needs More Information]

Additional Information

Dataset Curators

[Needs More Information]

Licensing Information

non-commercial licence: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Citation Information

    title = "{SAMS}um Corpus: A Human-annotated Dialogue Dataset for Abstractive Summarization",
    author = "Gliwa, Bogdan  and
      Mochol, Iwona  and
      Biesek, Maciej  and
      Wawer, Aleksander",
    booktitle = "Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on New Frontiers in Summarization",
    month = nov,
    year = "2019",
    address = "Hong Kong, China",
    publisher = "Association for Computational Linguistics",
    url = "",
    doi = "10.18653/v1/D19-5409",
    pages = "70--79"


Thanks to @cccntu for adding this dataset.

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