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Speech-to-speech translation model from fairseq S2UT (paper/code):


import json
import os
from pathlib import Path

import IPython.display as ipd
from fairseq import hub_utils
from fairseq.checkpoint_utils import load_model_ensemble_and_task_from_hf_hub
from fairseq.models.speech_to_text.hub_interface import S2THubInterface
from fairseq.models.text_to_speech import CodeHiFiGANVocoder
from fairseq.models.text_to_speech.hub_interface import VocoderHubInterface

from huggingface_hub import snapshot_download
import torchaudio

cache_dir = os.getenv("HUGGINGFACE_HUB_CACHE")

models, cfg, task = load_model_ensemble_and_task_from_hf_hub(
    arg_overrides={"config_yaml": "config.yaml", "task": "speech_to_text"},
#model = models[0].cpu()
#cfg["task"].cpu = True
generator = task.build_generator([model], cfg)

# requires 16000Hz mono channel audio
audio, _ = torchaudio.load("/path/to/an/audio/file")

sample = S2THubInterface.get_model_input(task, audio)
unit = S2THubInterface.get_prediction(task, model, generator, sample)

# speech synthesis           
library_name = "fairseq"
cache_dir = (
    cache_dir or (Path.home() / ".cache" / library_name).as_posix()
cache_dir = snapshot_download(
    f"facebook/unit_hifigan_mhubert_vp_en_es_fr_it3_400k_layer11_km1000_lj_dur", cache_dir=cache_dir, library_name=library_name

x = hub_utils.from_pretrained(

with open(f"{x['args']['data']}/config.json") as f:
    vocoder_cfg = json.load(f)
assert (
    len(x["args"]["model_path"]) == 1
), "Too many vocoder models in the input"

vocoder = CodeHiFiGANVocoder(x["args"]["model_path"][0], vocoder_cfg)
tts_model = VocoderHubInterface(vocoder_cfg, vocoder)

tts_sample = tts_model.get_model_input(unit)
wav, sr = tts_model.get_prediction(tts_sample)

ipd.Audio(wav, rate=sr)


  doi = {10.48550/ARXIV.2204.02967},  
  url = {https://arxiv.org/abs/2204.02967},  
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  publisher = {arXiv},  
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  copyright = {arXiv.org perpetual, non-exclusive license}
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