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Envy Reclaimed Brutalism XL 01

reclaimed brutalism, colorful, open markets,colorful banners, noon, blue sky, clouds, scenery, "at the Incandescent Crystal"
colorful, fantasy, cheerful,great fantasy megacity at the end of time
colorful, ivy,colorful banners, anime style, 1boy, man, ruggedly handsome, whimsical,Dystopian fantasy megastructure beyond the beginning of time
colorful, sakura trees, a demonic scifi city edge of the multiverse, masterpiece, by Vitaly Bulgarov
reclaimed brutalism, colorful, trees,bamboo, cheerful scifi metropolis beyond the beginning of reality
reclaimed brutalism, colorful, happy crowds,open markets, anime style, 1girl, woman, beautiful, great smeltery in a far future fantasy topia outside of the universe, masterpiece, by Dmitry Vishnevsky
reclaimed brutalism, colorful, people, warmly lit interior, in a adirondack Renaissance fair marketplace
reclaimed brutalism, colorful, lake, anime style, 1boy, man, ruggedly handsome, golden hour, blue sky, clouds, scenery, in a Mudflat
reclaimed brutalism, colorful, well-lit interior, in a Homely Golden wheat field at dusk

Model description

Brutalism makes for some cool sci-fi illustrations and settings, but places that use that style generally aren't somewhere I'd actually want to live. This LoRA is about reclaiming those ugly places from the ugly governments that built them, and turning them into something welcoming and free. Optionally use "reclaimed brutalism" as a trigger word if you're looking for a heavily brutalist style. For more architectural variety, omit it.

Trigger words

You should use reclaimed brutalism to trigger the image generation.

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import torch

pipeline = AutoPipelineForText2Image.from_pretrained('stabilityai/stable-diffusion-xl-base-1.0', torch_dtype=torch.float16).to('cuda')
pipeline.load_lora_weights('e-n-v-y/envy-reclaimed-brutalism-xl-01', weight_name='EnvyReclaimedBrutalismXL01.safetensors')
image = pipeline('reclaimed brutalism, colorful, well-lit interior, in a Homely Golden wheat field at dusk').images[0]

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