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Loading methods

Methods for listing and loading datasets and metrics:



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( module_type = None include_community = True with_details = False )


  • module_type (str, optional, default None) — Type of evaluation modules to list. Has to be one of 'metric', 'comparison', or 'measurement'. If None, all types are listed.
  • include_community (bool, optional, default True) — Include community modules in the list.
  • with_details (bool, optional, default False) — Return the full details on the metrics instead of only the ID.

List all evaluation modules available on the Hugging Face Hub.



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( path: str config_name: typing.Optional[str] = None module_type: typing.Optional[str] = None process_id: int = 0 num_process: int = 1 cache_dir: typing.Optional[str] = None experiment_id: typing.Optional[str] = None keep_in_memory: bool = False download_config: typing.Optional[evaluate.utils.file_utils.DownloadConfig] = None download_mode: typing.Optional[datasets.utils.download_manager.DownloadMode] = None revision: typing.Union[str, datasets.utils.version.Version, NoneType] = None **init_kwargs )


  • path (str) — path to the evaluation processing script with the evaluation builder. Can be either:
    • a local path to processing script or the directory containing the script (if the script has the same name as the directory), e.g. './metrics/rouge' or './metrics/rogue/'
    • a evaluation module identifier on the HuggingFace evaluate repo e.g. 'rouge' or 'bleu' that are in either 'metrics/', 'comparisons/', or 'measurements/' depending on the provided module_type.
  • config_name (str, optional) — selecting a configuration for the metric (e.g. the GLUE metric has a configuration for each subset)
  • module_type (str, default 'metric') — type of evaluation module, can be one of 'metric', 'comparison', or 'measurement'.
  • process_id (int, optional) — for distributed evaluation: id of the process
  • num_process (int, optional) — for distributed evaluation: total number of processes
  • cache_dir (Optional str) — path to store the temporary predictions and references (default to ~/.cache/huggingface/evaluate/)
  • experiment_id (str) — A specific experiment id. This is used if several distributed evaluations share the same file system. This is useful to compute metrics in distributed setups (in particular non-additive metrics like F1).
  • keep_in_memory (bool) — Whether to store the temporary results in memory (defaults to False)
  • download_config (Optional evaluate.DownloadConfig — specific download configuration parameters.
  • download_mode (DownloadMode, default REUSE_DATASET_IF_EXISTS) — Download/generate mode.
  • revision (Optional Union[str, evaluate.Version]) — if specified, the module will be loaded from the datasets repository at this version. By default it is set to the local version of the lib. Specifying a version that is different from your local version of the lib might cause compatibility issues.

Load a evaluate.EvaluationModule.