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Text-Guided Image-to-Image Generation

The StableDiffusionImg2ImgPipeline lets you pass a text prompt and an initial image to condition the generation of new images.

from torch import autocast
import requests
from PIL import Image
from io import BytesIO

from diffusers import StableDiffusionImg2ImgPipeline

# load the pipeline
device = "cuda"
pipe = StableDiffusionImg2ImgPipeline.from_pretrained(
    "CompVis/stable-diffusion-v1-4", revision="fp16", torch_dtype=torch.float16, use_auth_token=True

# let's download an initial image
url = ""

response = requests.get(url)
init_image ="RGB")
init_image = init_image.resize((768, 512))

prompt = "A fantasy landscape, trending on artstation"

with autocast("cuda"):
    images = pipe(prompt=prompt, init_image=init_image, strength=0.75, guidance_scale=7.5).images


You can also run this example on colab Open In Colab