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This model is based on GPT2LMHeadModel which has been trained with a total of 4 open-domain dialogue dataset.

Model Details

The details can be found on my blog posts:

Model Description

This is the model card of a 🤗 transformers model that has been pushed on the Hub. This model card has been automatically generated.

  • Developed by: devjwsong
  • Model type: GPT2LMHeadModel
  • Language(s) (NLP): English
  • License: MIT
  • Finetuned from model [optional]: openai-community/gpt2

Model Sources



  title={Multi-turn chatbot project (3): GPT-2 chatbot with multi-turn generation settings},
  author={Song, Jaewoo},

Model Card Authors

  • Jaewoo (Kyle) Song

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Datasets used to train devjwsong/gpt2-open-domain-dialogue