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1. Introduction of Deepseek LLM

Introducing DeepSeek LLM, an advanced language model comprising 67 billion parameters. It has been trained from scratch on a vast dataset of 2 trillion tokens in both English and Chinese. In order to foster research, we have made DeepSeek LLM 7B/67B Base and DeepSeek LLM 7B/67B Chat open source for the research community.

2. Model Summary

deepseek-llm-67b-chat is a 67B parameter model initialized from deepseek-llm-67b-base and fine-tuned on extra instruction data.

3. How to Use

Here give some examples of how to use our model.

Chat Completion

import torch
from transformers import AutoTokenizer, AutoModelForCausalLM, GenerationConfig

model_name = "deepseek-ai/deepseek-llm-67b-chat"
tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained(model_name)
model = AutoModelForCausalLM.from_pretrained(model_name, torch_dtype=torch.bfloat16, device_map="auto")
model.generation_config = GenerationConfig.from_pretrained(model_name)
model.generation_config.pad_token_id = model.generation_config.eos_token_id

messages = [
    {"role": "user", "content": "Who are you?"}
input_tensor = tokenizer.apply_chat_template(messages, add_generation_prompt=True, return_tensors="pt")
outputs = model.generate(input_tensor.to(model.device), max_new_tokens=100)

result = tokenizer.decode(outputs[0][input_tensor.shape[1]:], skip_special_tokens=True)

Avoiding the use of the provided function apply_chat_template, you can also interact with our model following the sample template. Note that messages should be replaced by your input.

User: {messages[0]['content']}

Assistant: {messages[1]['content']}<|end▁of▁sentence|>User: {messages[2]['content']}


Note: By default (add_special_tokens=True), our tokenizer automatically adds a bos_token (<|begin▁of▁sentence|>) before the input text. Additionally, since the system prompt is not compatible with this version of our models, we DO NOT RECOMMEND including the system prompt in your input.

4. License

This code repository is licensed under the MIT License. The use of DeepSeek LLM models is subject to the Model License. DeepSeek LLM supports commercial use.

See the LICENSE-MODEL for more details.

5. Contact

If you have any questions, please raise an issue or contact us at service@deepseek.com.

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