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Dataset: xtreme 🏷
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from datasets import load_dataset dataset = load_dataset("xtreme")


The Cross-lingual TRansfer Evaluation of Multilingual Encoders (XTREME) benchmark is a benchmark for the evaluation of the cross-lingual generalization ability of pre-trained multilingual models. It covers 40 typologically diverse languages (spanning 12 language families) and includes nine tasks that collectively require reasoning about different levels of syntax and semantics. The languages in XTREME are selected to maximize language diversity, coverage in existing tasks, and availability of training data. Among these are many under-studied languages, such as the Dravidian languages Tamil (spoken in southern India, Sri Lanka, and Singapore), Telugu and Malayalam (spoken mainly in southern India), and the Niger-Congo languages Swahili and Yoruba, spoken in Africa.


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Models trained or fine-tuned on xtreme