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Hi @csris @zhangce @danfu09 ! Thank you for sharing the RedPajama-Data-1T dataset on the Hub!

According to the README in this repository, the 'book' subset of the RedPajama-Data-1T dataset contains the Book3 corpus. It's been reported that distributing the Books3 corpus violates the copyrights of some of the authors whose works are included in it. The original data source for this corpus is no longer accessible due to this copyright infringement. The Hub's version has also been made defunct for this reason

So I'm proposing to make the 'book' subset of the RedPajama-Data-1T dataset defunct too, to avoid any legal issues with this case. Another option would be to exclude Books3 examples from this subset and rehost the data. Please, let me know what you think of these suggestions.

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Thanks for taking care of this @polinaeterna .

Let's wait for the reply of the authors before taking any action to take down the dataset.

Together org

Hi, we are looking into this.

Thanks for your reply, @vipul .

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