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The recent FTC round table ( highlighted for me how Books3 distribution in particular could be a net harm, and there was discussion about whether the content was legal to distribute.
I wonder if this is a dataset that should not be further shared.

For books3 alternative:

  • Install IPFS and launch it.
  • pip3 install stc-geck && geck - documents
  • You downloading tons of books and papers
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Thank you, @mmitchell .

Indeed the source data of this dataset is no longer accessible since some months ago. See comment here:

We thought about just keeping the dataset metadata card for historical purposes.

We are adding a warning to the dataset card and also will raise a specific error.

Please note, also for the record, that the pirate website hosting the content itself ( removed the compressed archive that this script relied on because of a DMCA / EUCD takedown request. As far as I can tell, this dataset was not functional from July 13th onwards.

FWIW, the content of this dataset was never legal to redistribute like this; even its original creator admitted this. HuggingFace: please be more careful with the datasets that are hosted on your platform β€” especially these top-level datasets (maintained directly by HF) and other third-party datasets that have had serious legal issues & reports on them. This is not the only one with severe problems.

Datasets Maintainers org

We also raise a DefunctDatasetError.

See: #9

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