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I reuploaded my dataset in response to
I have also changed one of the column's names. This did not cause an issue last time, but now I get a key error.

Error details:

Error code:   StreamingRowsError
Exception:    KeyError
Message:      'METADATA'
Traceback:    Traceback (most recent call last):
                File "/src/services/worker/src/worker/job_runners/", line 570, in compute_first_rows_response
                  rows = get_rows(
                File "/src/services/worker/src/worker/job_runners/", line 161, in decorator
                  return func(*args, **kwargs)
                File "/src/services/worker/src/worker/job_runners/", line 217, in get_rows
                  rows_plus_one = list(itertools.islice(ds, rows_max_number + 1))
                File "/src/services/worker/.venv/lib/python3.9/site-packages/datasets/", line 941, in __iter__
                  yield _apply_feature_types_on_example(
                File "/src/services/worker/.venv/lib/python3.9/site-packages/datasets/", line 698, in _apply_feature_types_on_example
                  encoded_example = features.encode_example(example)
                File "/src/services/worker/.venv/lib/python3.9/site-packages/datasets/features/", line 1809, in encode_example
                  return encode_nested_example(self, example)
                File "/src/services/worker/.venv/lib/python3.9/site-packages/datasets/features/", line 1212, in encode_nested_example
                File "/src/services/worker/.venv/lib/python3.9/site-packages/datasets/features/", line 1212, in <dictcomp>
                File "/src/services/worker/.venv/lib/python3.9/site-packages/datasets/utils/", line 302, in zip_dict
                  yield key, tuple(d[key] for d in dicts)
                File "/src/services/worker/.venv/lib/python3.9/site-packages/datasets/utils/", line 302, in <genexpr>
                  yield key, tuple(d[key] for d in dicts)
              KeyError: 'METADATA'

cc @albertvillanova @lhoestq @severo.

changed discussion status to closed

Thanks for the fix, @sedthh.

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