PV system capacity and generation data

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Hi, many thanks to the ReadMe explanation! But I am bit confused when exploring the data on PV system capacity vs generation power. Here quotes your ReadMe:

  1. Metadata.csv: 'kwp: The capacity of the PV system'
  2. Min.barquet: 'generation_wh: the generated power (in kW) at the given timestamp for the given system'
    In browsing data, generation_wh can be 90 times or more than kwp for the same solar panel(ss_id). Any relationships missing in the unit transfer or else?
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Hi there

Sorry about the confusion.

  1. This is the capacity of the system. bare in mind this can be a bit un reliable.
  2. Yea, sorry this is confusing. generation_wh is a unit of energy. So its the the amount of energy produced in a 5 min period. If you divide it by 12, you get the power (in watts). Then divide by 1000 to get to kw. Hopefully then most of the data is below the capacity_kwp of the system, however I'm sure there are still some anomalies.

Does this help?

@peterdudfield Perfect! Thank you for helping.
Now I use 5 minute.barquet data and scale generation_wh with 12*0.001. The result is <= to capacity with very few anomalies.
Hope my model is happy now.

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Excellent, tjhats great news. It would be great to hear what you are training model for?

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