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Using computers to fix climate change.

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Open Climate Fix (OCF) is a non-profit product lab, totally focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions as rapidly as possible. Every part of the organisation is designed to maximise climate impact, such as our open and collaborative approach, our rapid prototyping, and our attention on finding scalable & practical solutions.

What if you use our code?

In order for us to understand the use of our models, and to demonstrate impact to future funders, it is invaluable for us to know who is using the code and if possible, how. We licence the code in this repository under a permissive MIT licence and if you are using the code or deriving from it, we request that you attribute the use of Open Climate Fix’s work in your product by adding the text below:

'original code by Open Climate Fix'

Top 5 datasets

  • UK_PV: PV solar generation data from the UK. This dataset contains data from 1311 PV systems from 2018 to 2021.
  • ICON EU: Forecasts from the German Weather Service's (DWD) ICON-EU model.
  • ICON Global: Forecasts from the German Weather Service's (DWD) ICON-EU model from March 2023
  • UK Nimrod: UK Nimrod rainfall radar data for 2016-2019 as used in the Skillful Precipitation Nowcasting Using Deep Generative Model of Radar paper by DeepMind.
  • Era5 Land: ECMWF ERA5-Land data covering 2014 to October 2022