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NOTE: All this data, plus a lot more, is now accessible at

That dataset is the preferred way to access this data, as it goes back to the beginning of the RSS archive (2008-2023) and is updated on a roughly weekly basis.

This dataset consists of the EUMETSAT Rapid Scan Service (RSS) imagery for 2014 to Feb 2023. This data has 2 formats, the High Resolution Visible channel (HRV) which covers Europe and North Africa at a resolution of roughly 2-3km per pixel, and is shifted each day to better image where the sun is shining, and the non-HRV data, which is comprised of 11 spectral channels at a 6-9km resolution covering the top third of the Earth centered on Europe. These images are taken 5 minutes apart and have been compressed and stacked into Zarr stores. Using Xarray, these files can be opened all together to create one large Zarr store of HRV or non-HRV imagery.

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