Metadata information of all the models uploaded on HuggingFace modelhub Dataset was last updated on 15th June 2021. Contains information on 10,354 models (v1). Only train dataset is provided

Update: v1.0.2: Added downloads_last_month and library data

Same dataset is available in kaggle

Loading data

from datasets import load_dataset
modelhub_dataset = load_dataset("dk-crazydiv/huggingface-modelhub")

Useful commands:

modelhub_dataset["train"] # Access train subset  (the only subset available)
modelhub_dataset["train"][0] # Access the dataset elements by index 
modelhub_dataset["train"].features # Get the columns present in the dataset.

Sample dataset:

  "downloads_last_month": 7474,
  "files": [
  "lastModified": "2021-01-13T15:08:24.000Z",
  "library": "transformers",
  "modelId": "albert-base-v1",
  "pipeline_tag": "fill-mask",
  "publishedBy": "huggingface",
  "tags": [
  "modelCard": "Readme sample data..."


Please report any bugs/improvements to me on twitter

Models trained or fine-tuned on dk-crazydiv/huggingface-modelhub

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