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Protogen Nova

Research Model by darkstorm2150

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General info

The Protogen Nova is a checkpoint model that merges all the previous models into one

This merger includes

  • Protogen v2.2 (Anime)
  • Protogen x3.4 (Photorealism)
  • ProtoGen x5.3 (Photorealism)
  • ProtoGen x5.8 Rebuilt (Scifi+Anime)
  • ProtoGen x5.9 (Dragon)
  • ProtoGen x7.4 (Eclipse)

As part the of the checkpoint merging, Granular Adaptive Learning is a technique where traininig data is lessen selectively from 30% to 0.05%, and as the training is eventually saturated, the process reduces loss and introduces elements from various checkpoints

Granular Adaptive Learning

Granular adaptive learning is a machine learning technique that focuses on adjusting the learning process at a fine-grained level, rather than making global adjustments to the model. This approach allows the model to adapt to specific patterns or features in the data, rather than making assumptions based on general trends.

Granular adaptive learning can be achieved through techniques such as active learning, which allows the model to select the data it wants to learn from, or through the use of reinforcement learning, where the model receives feedback on its performance and adapts based on that feedback. It can also be achieved through techniques such as online learning where the model adjust itself as it receives more data.

Granular adaptive learning is often used in situations where the data is highly diverse or non-stationary and where the model needs to adapt quickly to changing patterns. This is often the case in dynamic environments such as robotics, financial markets, and natural language processing.


To run this model, download the model.ckpt and install it in your "stable-diffusion-webui\models\Stable-diffusion" directory




Checkpoint Merging Data Reference - PENDING DATA FOR MERGE, RPGv2 not accounted..

Models Protogen v2.2 (Anime) Protogen x3.4 (Photo) Protogen x5.3 (Photo) Protogen x5.8 (Sci-fi/Anime) Protogen x5.9 (Dragon) Protogen x7.4 (Eclipse) Protogen x8.0 (Nova) Protogen x8.6 (Infinity)
seek_art_mega v1 52.50% 42.76% 42.63% 25.21% 14.83%
modelshoot v1 30.00% 24.44% 24.37% 2.56% 2.05% 3.48% 22.91% 13.48%
elldreth v1 12.64% 10.30% 10.23% 6.06% 3.57%
photoreal v2 10.00% 48.64% 38.91% 66.33% 20.49% 12.06%
analogdiffusion v1 4.75% 4.50% 1.75% 1.03%
openjourney v2 4.51% 4.28% 4.75% 2.26% 1.33%
hassan1.4 2.63% 2.14% 2.13% 1.26% 0.74%
f222 2.23% 1.82% 1.81% 1.07% 0.63%
hasdx 20.00% 16.00% 4.07% 5.01% 2.95%
moistmix 16.00% 12.80% 3.86% 4.08% 2.40%
roboDiffusion v1 4.29% 12.80% 10.24% 3.67% 4.41% 2.60%
RPG v3 5.00% 20.00% 4.29% 4.29% 2.52%
anything&everything 4.51% 0.56% 0.33%
dreamlikediff v1 5.0% 0.63% 0.37%
sci-fidiff v1 3.10%
synthwavepunk v2 3.26%
mashupv2 11.51%
dreamshaper 252 4.04%
comicdiff v2 4.25%
artEros 15.00%


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CreativeML Open RAIL-M

Dreamlike License

Seek Art Mega License

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