Introducing HuggingFace blog for Chinese speakers: Fostering Collaboration with the Chinese AI community

Published April 24, 2023
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This article is also available in Chinese 简体中文.

Welcome to our blog for Chinese speakers!

We are delighted to introduce Hugging Face’s new blog for Chinese speakers:! A committed group of volunteers has made this possible by translating our invaluable resources, including blog posts and comprehensive courses on transformers, diffusion, and reinforcement learning. This step aims to make our content accessible to the ever-growing Chinese AI community, fostering mutual learning and collaboration.

Recognizing the Chinese AI Community’s Accomplishments

We want to highlight the remarkable achievements and contributions of the Chinese AI community, which has demonstrated exceptional talent and innovation. Groundbreaking advancements like HuggingGPT, ChatGLM, RWKV, ChatYuan, ModelScope text-to-video models as well as IDEA CCNL and BAAI’s contributions underscore the incredible potential within the community.

In addition, the Chinese AI community has been actively engaged in creating trendy Spaces, such as Chuanhu GPT and GPT Academy, further demonstrating its enthusiasm and creativity.

We have been collaborating with organizations such as PaddlePaddle to ensure seamless integration with Hugging Face, empowering more collaborative efforts in the realm of Machine Learning.

Strengthening Collaborative Ties and Future Events

We are proud of our collaborative history with our Chinese collaborators, having worked together on various events that have enabled knowledge exchange and collaboration, propelling the AI community forward. Some of our collaborative efforts include:

We are excited to announce that we will continue to strengthen our ties with the Chinese AI community by fostering more collaborations and joint efforts. These initiatives will create opportunities for knowledge sharing and expertise exchange, promoting collaborative open-source machine learning across our communities, and tackling the challenges and opportunities in the field of cooperative OS ML.

Beyond Boundaries: Embracing a Diverse AI Community

As we embark on this new chapter, our collaboration with the Chinese AI community will serve as a platform to bridge cultural and linguistic barriers, fostering innovation and cooperation in the AI domain. At Hugging Face, we value diverse perspectives and voices, aiming to create a welcoming and inclusive community that promotes ethical and equitable AI development.

Join us on this exciting journey, and stay tuned for more updates on our blog about Chinese community advancements and future collaborative endeavors!

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