Prompt formats and referencing the user or model by a specific name? #18

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Hi there,

I have read on a few different forums, threads, and reddit posts that Vicuna models need to be prompted in a specific way. Some examples I've seen are:

Option 1:

USER: What is 4x8?

Option 2:

A chat between a human and an assistant.

### Human:
### Assistant:

Can someone help with what the prompt format for this model should be and if we were to change "Human" or "Assistant" to alternative names to whatever a user sets them to be (i.e. user's name is Jane and they want to call the assistant Doe) will that invalidate the format of the prompts?

@Mincookie Any update? Could you figure out the correct prompt format?


I've noticed that there is some confusion regarding the optimal prompt format for Vicuna models, and I'd like to offer some clarification. Vicuna models are highly capable, but they do benefit from specific prompt structures to function effectively. Allow me to address your concerns and queries:

Default Prompt format,
The default prompt format that has proven to work effectively is as follows:

A chat between a curious user and an artificial intelligence assistant. The assistant gives helpful, detailed, and polite answers to the user's questions. USER: {prompt} ASSISTANT:

This format sets the stage for a productive interaction between the user and the AI assistant. And is verified to work.

Customization: If you wish to personalize the interaction, such as changing the names from "Human" and "Assistant" to something else, you should provide clear instructions in the prompt. For example:

Hello AI, You are running on a personal computer, and your name is "Doe." Act as if you're an individual, always be helpful to the human. In this scenario, the human's name is "Jane," so refer to the human as "Jane." USER: {prompt} ASSISTANT:

This format allows you to tailor the interaction to your preferences.

Reminder: It's essential to note that different versions of the same AI base may have variations in how they interpret prompt formats, especially considering factors like seed and temperature settings. Therefore, after any changes or updates, it's advisable to double-check the prompt format to ensure the AI understands your instructions correctly. You can manually change the seed until you get an working one and use that seed always, As for the tempature.. It's more complex.

Complex Custom Instructions
While customization is possible, keep in mind that overly complex or unclear custom instructions may lead to misunderstandings. The AI may not easily grasp intricate prompt formats, so it's best to keep your instructions concise and straightforward.

In summary, while Vicuna models are versatile and can be customized to your preferences, it's essential to maintain clarity and simplicity in your prompt instructions. By adhering to a clear format and providing straightforward customization instructions, you can maximize the effectiveness of your interactions with the AI.

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