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Model Description

Mistral-Pro is a progressive version of the original Mistral model, enhanced by the addition of Transformer blocks. It specializes in integrating both general language understanding and domain-specific knowledge, particularly in programming and mathematics.

Development and Training

Developed by Tencent's ARC Lab, Mistral-Pro is an 8 billion parameter model. It's an expansion of Mistral-7B, further trained on code and math corpora.

Intended Use

This model is designed for a wide range of NLP tasks, with a focus on programming, mathematics, and general language tasks. It suits scenarios requiring integration of natural and programming languages.


Mistral_Pro_8B_v0.1 showcases superior performance on a range of benchmarks. It enhances the code and math performance of Mistral. Furthermore, it matches the performance of the recently dominant model, Gemma.

Overall Performance on Languages, math and code tasks

Model ARC Hellaswag MMLU TruthfulQA Winogrande GSM8K HumanEval
Gemma-7B 61.9 82.2 64.6 44.8 79.0 50.9 32.3
Mistral-7B 60.8 83.3 62.7 42.6 78.0 39.2 28.7
Mistral_Pro_8B_v0.1 63.2 82.6 60.6 48.3 78.9 50.6 32.9


While Mistral-Pro addresses some limitations of previous models in the series, it may still encounter challenges specific to highly specialized domains or tasks.

Ethical Considerations

Users should be aware of potential biases in the model and use it responsibly, considering its impact on various applications.

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