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LAION LeoLM: Linguistically Enhanced Open Language Model

Meet LeoLM, the first open and commercially available German Foundation Language Model built on Llama-2. Our models extend Llama-2's capabilities into German through continued pretraining on a large corpus of German-language and mostly locality specific text. Thanks to a compute grant at HessianAI's new supercomputer 42, we release two foundation models trained with 8k context length, LeoLM/leo-hessianai-7b and LeoLM/leo-hessianai-13b under the Llama-2 community license (70b also coming soon! 👀). With this release, we hope to bring a new wave of opportunities to German open-source and commercial LLM research and accelerate adoption. Read our blog post or our paper (preprint coming soon) for more details!

A project by Björn Plüster and Christoph Schuhmann in collaboration with LAION and HessianAI.

Chat Models

Today, the chat format is imperative for interacting with LLMs. Therefore, we also release a suite of finetuned models ready for you to interact with! We present, for each model size, both a German and a bilingual chat model. See the model page for more details on datasets and training parameters.

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