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Roberta Large Fine Tuned on RACE

Model description

This model is a fine-tuned model of Roberta-large applied on RACE

How to use

import datasets
from transformers import RobertaTokenizer
from transformers import  RobertaForMultipleChoice

tokenizer = RobertaTokenizer.from_pretrained(
model = RobertaForMultipleChoice.from_pretrained(
dataset = datasets.load_dataset(
    split=["train", "validation", "test"],
)training_examples = dataset[0]
evaluation_examples = dataset[1]
test_examples = dataset[2]

example_id = example["example_id"]
question = example["question"]
context = example["article"]
options = example["options"]
label_example = example["answer"]
label_map = {label: i 
    for i, label in enumerate(["A", "B", "C", "D"])}
choices_inputs = []
for ending_idx, (_, ending) in enumerate(
                                zip(context, options)):
    if question.find("_") != -1:
        # fill in the banks questions
        question_option = question.replace("_", ending)
        question_option = question + " " + ending
    inputs = tokenizer(
label = label_map[label_example]
input_ids = [x["input_ids"] for x in choices_inputs]
attention_mask = (
    [x["attention_mask"] for x in choices_inputs]
     # as the senteces follow the same structure, 
     #just one of them is necessary to check
    if "attention_mask" in choices_inputs[0]
    else None
example_encoded = {
    "example_id": example_id,
    "input_ids": input_ids,
    "attention_mask": attention_mask,
    "label": label,
output = model(**example_encoded)

Training data

The initial model was roberta large model which was then fine-tuned on RACE dataset

Training procedure

It was necessary to preprocess the data with a method that is exemplified for a single instance in the How to use section. The used hyperparameters were the following:

Hyperparameter Value
adam_beta1 0.9
adam_beta2 0.98
adam_epsilon 1.000e-8
eval_batch_size 32
train_batch_size 1
fp16 True
gradient_accumulation_steps 16
learning_rate 0.00001
warmup_steps 1000
max_length 512
epochs 4

Eval results:

Dataset Acc Eval All Test High School Test Middle School Test
85.2 84.9 83.5 88.0

The model was trained with a Tesla V100-PCIE-16GB

Downloads last month
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Dataset used to train LIAMF-USP/roberta-large-finetuned-race