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KAI-7B Instruct

KAI-7B-Instruct is a 7 Billion parameter causal model based on KAI-7B and Mistral-7B. KAI-7B has been finetuned on a mixture of chat/instruct datasets.

Why use KAI-7B Instruct?

  • KAI-7B is a strong base model, outperforming comparable open-source models (e.g., LLaMA 2 7b, Mistral 7B, e.t.c.).
  • KAI-7B Instruct is trained on a framework for improving the instruction-following capabilities of pretrained language models.
  • KAI-7B Instruct is a ready-to-use model based off KAI-7B, meaning it is easier to deploy.

Banned Use

KAI-7B Instruct is governed by the apache 2.0 liscense, and therefore means that whatever the license deems unacceptable shall not be allowed. We specificaly ban the use of ANY AND ALL KAI MODELS for hate speech towards a paricular thing, person, our particular group due to legal and ethical issues.

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7.24B params
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