no DeepVAEModule?

by ghosthamlet - opened

Thanks for open sourced so many great models.
I have git clone,
but why there is no DeepVAEModule?

Fengshenbang-LM org

We are merging our code in, on finishing we will inform you.

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Fengshenbang-LM org

hi @ghosthamlet , I have pushed my code and @roygan have already merged it, please take a look and let us know if there is any thing bothering you.
Do note that if you want to use this VAE, you need to finetune it in a downstream domain (pretraining it in open-domain dataset does make it easily adaptable to any new-domain, but with the cost of relatively low quality generation at the moment). You need to do some modification to the pretrain scripts under fengshen/examples/deepvae if you need to pretrain the model. Those files are there to serve as a reference purpose

@Randolphzeng It is working now, Thanks.

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