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简介 Brief Introduction


It topped FewCLUE and ZeroCLUE benchmarks in 2021, solving NLU tasks, was the largest BERT when publicly released.

模型分类 Model Taxonomy

需求 Demand 任务 Task 系列 Series 模型 Model 参数 Parameter 额外 Extra
通用 General 自然语言理解 NLU 二郎神 Erlangshen MegatronBERT 1.3B 中文 Chinese

模型信息 Model Information

Encoder结构为主的双向语言模型,专注于解决各种自然语言理解任务。 我们跟进了Megatron-LM的工作,使用了32张A100,总共耗时14天在悟道语料库(180 GB版本)上训练了十亿级别参数量的BERT。同时,鉴于中文语法和大规模训练的难度,我们使用四种预训练策略来改进BERT:1) 整词掩码, 2) 知识动态遮掩, 3) 句子顺序预测, 4) 层前归一化.

A bidirectional language model based on the Encoder structure, focusing on solving various NLU tasks. We follow Megatron-LM, using 32 A100s and spending 14 days training a billion-level BERT on WuDao Corpora (180 GB version). Given Chinese grammar and the difficulty of large-scale training, we use four pre-training procedures to improve BERT: 1) Whole Word Masking (WWM), 2) Knowledge-based Dynamic Masking (KDM), 3) Sentence Order Prediction (SOP), 4) Pre-layer Normalization (Pre-LN).

成就 Achievements

1.2021年11月10日,Erlangshen-MegatronBert-1.3B在FewCLUE上取得第一。其中,它在CHIDF(成语填空)和TNEWS(新闻分类)子任务中的表现优于人类表现。此外,它在CHIDF(成语填空), CSLDCP(学科文献分类), OCNLI(自然语言推理)任务中均名列前茅。
2.2022年1月24日,Erlangshen-MegatronBert-1.3B在CLUE基准测试中的ZeroCLUE中取得第一。具体到子任务,我们在CSLDCP(主题文献分类), TNEWS(新闻分类), IFLYTEK(应用描述分类), CSL(抽象关键字识别)和CLUEWSC(参考消歧)任务中取得第一。

1.On November 10, 2021, Erlangshen-MegatronBert-1.3B topped the FewCLUE benchmark. Among them, our Erlangshen outperformed human performance in CHIDF (idiom fill-in-the-blank) and TNEWS (news classification) subtasks. In addition, our Erlangshen ranked the top in CHIDF (idiom fill-in-the-blank), CSLDCP (subject literature classification), and OCNLI (natural language inference) tasks.
2.On January 24, 2022, Erlangshen-MegatronBert-1.3B topped the ZeroCLUE benchmark. For each of these tasks, we rank the top ones in CSLDCP (Subject Literature Classification), TNEWS (News Classification), IFLYTEK (Application Description Classification), CSL (Abstract Keyword Recognition), and CLUEWSC (Referential Disambiguation) tasks.
3.Erlangshen-MegatronBert-1.3B topped the CLUE benchmark semantic matching task on July 10, 2022.

下游效果 Performance

模型 afqmc tnews iflytek ocnli cmnli wsc csl
roberta-wwm-ext-large 0.7514 0.5872 0.6152 0.777 0.814 0.8914 0.86
Erlangshen-MegatronBert-1.3B 0.7608 0.5996 0.6234 0.7917 0.81 0.9243 0.872

使用 Usage

from transformers import MegatronBertConfig, MegatronBertModel
from transformers import BertTokenizer

tokenizer = BertTokenizer.from_pretrained("IDEA-CCNL/Erlangshen-MegatronBert-1.3B")
config = MegatronBertConfig.from_pretrained("IDEA-CCNL/Erlangshen-MegatronBert-1.3B")
model = MegatronBertModel.from_pretrained("IDEA-CCNL/Erlangshen-MegatronBert-1.3B")

引用 Citation


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