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Welcome to The OverThinker's Repository!

OverThinker working late at night, deeply engrossed in solving the enigma of "Hi"

The OverThinker working late at night trying to find that answer for you.

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Meet The OverThinker! While some might argue he digs way too deep, many regard him as a genius. This repository is where his complex thoughts and innovative solutions come to life.

Model Phi 1.5

The OverThinker operates on the small Model Phi 1.5, uniquely tailored to offer intriguing perspectives:

  • Specialized in Riddles: Overfitted, by design, on a comprehensive Riddles database. Mr OverThinker is not just another bot – he's an enigma wrapped in a mystery.
  • Built on the Alpaca Template
template = ("Below is an instruction that describes a task, paired with an input "
            "that provides further context. Write a response that appropriately "
            "completes the request.\n\n### Instruction:\n{query}\n\n### Response:\n")

# Example of using the template with a query
query = "What gets wetter as it dries?"
formatted_string = template.format(query=query)

How to Interact with Mr OverThinker

Here is how you can get started:

How to Interact with OverThinker using Web Generation WebUI (click to expand)
  • Install text generation webui Text Generation WebUI.
  • On the 'Model' tab enter this URL Hypersniper/The_OverThinker_Phi_1_5 to automatically download the model.
  • On the same tab, select the model, make sure trust-remote-code is checked, then Load the model.
  • Next, on the Parameters table, select Instruction Template and make sure the Alpaca template is selected.
  • Lastly, under Mode, select Chat and then Instruct. Now you are ready to chat with The OverThinker. Enjoy!

The OverThinker awaits your challenging riddles and is ready to provide you with wild answers. Let the journey begin!

Conversation Examples

phi 1.png

Phi 2.png

phi 3.png

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Dataset used to train Hypersniper/The_OverThinker_Phi_1_5