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ParsBERT (v2.0)

A Transformer-based Model for Persian Language Understanding

We reconstructed the vocabulary and fine-tuned the ParsBERT v1.1 on the new Persian corpora in order to provide some functionalities for using ParsBERT in other scopes! Please follow the ParsBERT repo for the latest information about previous and current models.

Persian Text Classification [DigiMag, Persian News]

The task target is labeling texts in a supervised manner in both existing datasets DigiMag and Persian News.

Persian News

A dataset of various news articles scraped from different online news agencies' websites. The total number of articles is 16,438, spread over eight different classes.

  1. Economic
  2. International
  3. Political
  4. Science Technology
  5. Cultural Art
  6. Sport
  7. Medical
Label #
Social 2170
Economic 1564
International 1975
Political 2269
Science Technology 2436
Cultural Art 2558
Sport 1381
Medical 2085

Download You can download the dataset from here


The following table summarizes the F1 score obtained by ParsBERT as compared to other models and architectures.

Dataset ParsBERT v2 ParsBERT v1 mBERT
Persian News 97.44* 97.19 95.79

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Task Notebook
Text Classification Open In Colab

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