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Contributed by

Language Technology Research Group at the University of Helsinki university
1 team member Β· 1332 models


  • source group: North Germanic languages

  • target group: English

  • OPUS readme: gmq-eng

  • model: transformer

  • source language(s): dan fao isl nno nob nob_Hebr non_Latn swe

  • target language(s): eng

  • model: transformer

  • pre-processing: normalization + SentencePiece (spm32k,spm32k)

  • download original weights:

  • test set translations: opus2m-2020-07-26.test.txt

  • test set scores: opus2m-2020-07-26.eval.txt


testset BLEU chr-F
Tatoeba-test.multi.eng 58.1 0.720

System Info: