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MagicPrompt - Dall-E 2

This is a model from the MagicPrompt series of models, which are GPT-2 models intended to generate prompt texts for imaging AIs, in this case: Dall-E 2.

🖼️ Here's an example:

This model was trained with a set of about 26k of data filtered and extracted from various places such as: The Web Archive, The SubReddit for Dall-E 2 and dalle2.gallery. This may be a relatively small dataset, but we have to consider that Dall-E 2 is a closed service and we only have prompts from people who share it and have access to the service, for now. The set was trained with about 40,000 steps and I have plans to improve the model if possible.

If you want to test the model with a demo, you can go to: "spaces/Gustavosta/MagicPrompt-Dalle".

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When using this model, please credit: Gustavosta

Thanks for reading this far! :)

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