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Original Finetune based on https://civitai.com/models/20562

Training settings: First run since v2: 7500 steps, then added MORE DATA of over 1000 images of various concepts and styles - trained it again at 7500 steps, but with a better learning rate at 5e6, Text Encoder steps was around 600 or more? Felt V3 wasn't stable enough, did it again for another 7500 steps, text encoder to 0 cause alread trained. All up it training time in theory was only a couple of hours, as we have access to runpod using: 1x RTX A4500, 12 vCPU 62 GB RAM, 20 GB Disk and 120 GB Network Volume. Trust me, this did actually cost us money as we didn't use Dreambooth via Colab this time, and took over 15 USD to run this, and could've maybe attemtped it with EveryDream trainer isntead, and in fact in future any updates MIGHT be done via that instead of classic dreambooth.

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license: creativeml-openrail-m
- text-to-image
- stable-diffusion
### Malware_Dream_v2 Dreambooth model trained by Duskfallcrew with TheLastBen's fast-DreamBooth notebook
### You are legally responsible for any wrong doings you create with this model, and we don't wanna know - so just don't.
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