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Entertainment and Innovation with inclusivity and equality in mind.

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Earth & DUSK - Who Are We?

Earth And Dusk is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting inclusivity and equality in the art and entertainment industries. Our mission is to provide a safe and empowering space for creators and enthusiasts alike. We strive to bring accessibility back into the conversation, and advocating through entertainment

Who can Join?

This organization on Huggingface is an extension of Earth & Dusk Media.However those joining are not employees or speakers of Earth & Dusk media. This is a repo for research, development and learning on all forms of AI, as well as artistic generation and diffusion media, music and AI creation.

Repositories in here fall under the CREATIVE ML OPEN RAIL M FAMILY - unless otherwise specified.Repositories and files in here are not for commercial redistribution or generative sites unless otherwise specified. We are not legally responsible for outputs or uses of any of the content in these repositories.

All legal names of Earth & DUSK ARE AS FOLLOWS:

EARTH & DUSK MEDIA / Earth and Dusk Media / The co-owners are Dusk aka Duskfallcrew/The Duskfall Portal Crew / Dusky-crew - all variations of our username and system name, as well as Earthnicity / The Introject Society.

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Please note Suppport sites are not financial backers, but hold a special place as they've given support via either service testing, or other merits towards E&D.