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Do you miss the vibes of the early 2000s? Yearn for the nostalgia of internet religious arguments? Then this model is for you!

This was trained on a scrape of Yahoo! Answers from 2007 and received no filtering save for basic sanity checks.

This is not intended for serious use but I think it's charming in a way.

Prompt format:

Pygmalion / Metharme

The prompt should start with the cursor on the same line directly after "<|model|>" with no space. The following are all valid formats and can be extended to as many rounds as desired.

<|system|>system message here<|user|>user message here<|model|>
<|system|>system message here<|user|>user message here<|model|>model message<|user|>user message here<|model|>
<|system|>system message here<|model|>
<|system|>system message here<|model|>model message<|user|>user message here<|model|>

Some quick and dirty training details:

  • Built with Axolotl
  • Sequence length: 2048
  • Training time: 32 hours
  • Hardware: 1x RTX 4080
  • Training type: QLoRA
  • PEFT R/A: 32/32
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Finetuned from

Dataset used to train Dans-DiscountModels/Dans-07YahooAnswers-7b