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For llama-anon it is llama2 license

Model Details

Built with Axolotl

Model Description

  • Developed by: nRuaif
  • Model type: large language model
  • License:
  • Finetuned from model [optional]: Llama-13B

Model Sources [optional]


The model uses Fastchat/ShareGPT format.

Direct Use

This model is finetuned for normal and erotic roleplay while can still an assistant. (Might not be a helpfull one through)

Out-of-Scope Use

Do anything you want. I don't care

Bias, Risks, and Limitations

Model might have bias to NSFW due to the large % of NSFW data in the training set.

Training Details

Training Data

3000 convos with 4090 cut off len.

Training Procedure

Training Hyperparameters

  • Training regime: BF16, QLoRA, constant LR 5e-5

Compute Infrastructure

The model is trained on 1 A100 for 2 hours on runpod.

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