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A Vision Transformer (ViT) image classification model.
Trained by Owkin on 40 million pan-cancer histology tiles from TCGA-COAD.

A version using the transformers library is also available here: https://huggingface.co/owkin/phikon

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Model Usage

Image Embeddings

from urllib.request import urlopen
from PIL import Image
import timm

# get example histology image
img = Image.open(

# load model from the hub
model = timm.create_model(

# get model specific transforms (normalization, resize)
data_config = timm.data.resolve_model_data_config(model)
transforms = timm.data.create_transform(**data_config, is_training=False)

data = transforms(img).unsqueeze(0) # input is a (batch_size, num_channels, img_size, img_size) shaped tensor
output = model(data)  # output is a (batch_size, num_features) shaped tensor


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