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Recognize Anything & Tag2Text

Model card for Recognize Anything Plus Model (RAM++) .

RAM++ is the next generation of RAM, which can recognize any category with high accuracy, including both predefined common categories and diverse open-set categories.

RAM++ outperforms existing SOTA image fundamental reocngition models in terms of common tag categorie, uncommon tag categories, and human-object interaction phrase.


Authors from the paper write in the abstract:

*We introduce the Recognize Anything Plus Model (RAM++), a fundamental image recognition model with strong open-set recognition capabilities, by injecting semantic concepts into image tagging training framework. Previous approaches are either image tagging models constrained by limited semantics, or vision-language models with shallow interaction for suboptimal performance in multi-tag recognition. In contrast, RAM++ integrates image-text alignment and image-tagging within a unified fine-grained interaction framework based on image-tags-text triplets. This design enables RAM++ not only excel in identifying predefined categories, but also significantly augment the recognition ability in open-set categories. Moreover, RAM++ employs large language models~(LLMs) to generate diverse visual tag descriptions, pioneering the integration of LLM's knowledge into image tagging training. This approach empowers RAM++ to integrate visual description concepts for open-set recognition during inference. Evaluations on comprehensive image recognition benchmarks demonstrate RAM++ exceeds existing state-of-the-art (SOTA) fundamental image recognition models on most aspects. *

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