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TinyCLIP: CLIP Distillation via Affinity Mimicking and Weight Inheritance

[ICCV 2023] - TinyCLIP: CLIP Distillation via Affinity Mimicking and Weight Inheritance

TinyCLIP is a novel cross-modal distillation method for large-scale language-image pre-trained models. The method introduces two core techniques: affinity mimicking and weight inheritance. This work unleashes the capacity of small CLIP models, fully leveraging large-scale models as well as pre-training data and striking the best trade-off between speed and accuracy.

Use with Transformers

from PIL import Image
import requests

from transformers import CLIPProcessor, CLIPModel

model = CLIPModel.from_pretrained("wkcn/TinyCLIP-ViT-8M-16-Text-3M-YFCC15M")
processor = CLIPProcessor.from_pretrained("wkcn/TinyCLIP-ViT-8M-16-Text-3M-YFCC15M")

url = "http://images.cocodataset.org/val2017/000000039769.jpg"
image = Image.open(requests.get(url, stream=True).raw)

inputs = processor(text=["a photo of a cat", "a photo of a dog"], images=image, return_tensors="pt", padding=True)

outputs = model(**inputs)
logits_per_image = outputs.logits_per_image # this is the image-text similarity score
probs = logits_per_image.softmax(dim=1) # we can take the softmax to get the label probabilities


  • TinyCLIP ViT-45M/32 uses only half parameters of ViT-B/32 to achieves comparable zero-shot performance.
  • TinyCLIP ResNet-19M reduces the parameters by 50% while getting 2x inference speedup, and obtains 56.4% accuracy on ImageNet.

Model Zoo

Model Weight inheritance Pretrain IN-1K Acc@1(%) MACs(G) Throughput(pairs/s) Link
TinyCLIP ViT-39M/16 Text-19M manual YFCC-15M 63.5 9.5 1,469 Model
TinyCLIP ViT-8M/16 Text-3M manual YFCC-15M 41.1 2.0 4,150 Model
TinyCLIP ResNet-30M Text-29M manual LAION-400M 59.1 6.9 1,811 Model
TinyCLIP ResNet-19M Text-19M manual LAION-400M 56.4 4.4 3,024 Model
TinyCLIP ViT-61M/32 Text-29M manual LAION-400M 62.4 5.3 3,191 Model
TinyCLIP ViT-40M/32 Text-19M manual LAION-400M 59.8 3.5 4,641 Model
TinyCLIP ViT-63M/32 Text-31M auto LAION-400M 63.9 5.6 2,905 Model
TinyCLIP ViT-45M/32 Text-18M auto LAION-400M 61.4 3.7 3,682 Model
TinyCLIP ViT-22M/32 Text-10M auto LAION-400M 53.7 1.9 5,504 Model
TinyCLIP ViT-63M/32 Text-31M auto LAION+YFCC-400M 64.5 5.6 2,909 Model
TinyCLIP ViT-45M/32 Text-18M auto LAION+YFCC-400M 62.7 1.9 3,685 Model

Note: The configs of models with auto inheritance are generated automatically.

Official PyTorch Implementation



If this repo is helpful for you, please consider to cite it. :mega: Thank you! :)

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Our code is based on CLIP, OpenCLIP, CoFi and PyTorch. Thank contributors for their awesome contribution!


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