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Wavyfusion Header CKPT DOWNLOAD LINK - This is a dreambooth trained on a very diverse dataset ranging from photographs to paintings. The goal was to make a varied, general purpose model for illustrated styles.

In your prompt, use the activation token: wa-vy style


We support a Gradio Web UI to run wavyfusion: Open In Spaces

We use wa-vy instead of wavy because 'wavy style' introduced unwanted oceans and wavy hair.

Trained from 1.5 with VAE.

There are a lot of cool styles you can achieve with this model. Please see this document where I share the parameters (prompt, sampler, seed, etc.) used for all example images.

Character Example Landscape Example

And here is an batch of 49 images (not cherrypicked) in both euler_a and DPM++ 2M Karras

Special thanks to Nitrosocke and Guizmus

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