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WD 1.5 Beta 2

For this release, we release two versions of the model:

  • WD 1.5 Beta 2
  • WD 1.5 Beta 2 Aesthetic

For the aesthetic version, we finetune the attention layer on popular aesthetic images. For training, it is recomended to use the base version.


WD 1.5 uses the same VAE as WD 1.4, which can be found here https://huggingface.co/hakurei/waifu-diffusion-v1-4/blob/main/vae/kl-f8-anime2.ckpt

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WD 1.5 is released under the Fair AI Public License 1.0-SD (https://freedevproject.org/faipl-1.0-sd/). If any derivative of this model is made, please share your changes accordingly. Special thanks to ronsor/undeleted (https://undeleted.ronsor.com/) for help with the license.

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