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PhoBERT: Pre-trained language models for Vietnamese

Pre-trained PhoBERT models are the state-of-the-art language models for Vietnamese (Pho, i.e. "Phở", is a popular food in Vietnam):

  • Two PhoBERT versions of "base" and "large" are the first public large-scale monolingual language models pre-trained for Vietnamese. PhoBERT pre-training approach is based on RoBERTa which optimizes the BERT pre-training procedure for more robust performance.
  • PhoBERT outperforms previous monolingual and multilingual approaches, obtaining new state-of-the-art performances on four downstream Vietnamese NLP tasks of Part-of-speech tagging, Dependency parsing, Named-entity recognition and Natural language inference.

The general architecture and experimental results of PhoBERT can be found in our EMNLP-2020 Findings paper:

title     = {{PhoBERT: Pre-trained language models for Vietnamese}},
author    = {Dat Quoc Nguyen and Anh Tuan Nguyen},
journal   = {Findings of EMNLP},
year      = {2020}

Please CITE our paper when PhoBERT is used to help produce published results or is incorporated into other software.

For further information or requests, please go to PhoBERT's homepage!

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