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fill-mask mask_token: <mask>
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Contributed by

Urduhack non-profit
2 team members Β· 3 models


License: MIT


Language model: roberta-urdu-small Model size: 125M Language: Urdu Training data: News data from urdu news resources in Pakistan

About roberta-urdu-small

roberta-urdu-small is a language model for urdu language.

from transformers import pipeline
fill_mask = pipeline("fill-mask", model="urduhack/roberta-urdu-small", tokenizer="urduhack/roberta-urdu-small")

Training procedure

roberta-urdu-small was trained on urdu news corpus. Training data was normalized using normalization module from urduhack to eliminate characters from other languages like arabic.

About Urduhack

Urduhack is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) library for urdu language. Github: