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Finetune Mistral, Gemma, Llama 2-5x faster with 70% less memory via Unsloth!

We have a Google Colab Tesla T4 notebook for CodeGemma 7b here: https://colab.research.google.com/drive/19lwcRk_ZQ_ZtX-qzFP3qZBBHZNcMD1hh?usp=sharing

✨ Finetune for Free

All notebooks are beginner friendly! Add your dataset, click "Run All", and you'll get a 2x faster finetuned model which can be exported to GGUF, vLLM or uploaded to Hugging Face.

Unsloth supports Free Notebooks Performance Memory use
Gemma 7b ▶️ Start on Colab 2.4x faster 58% less
Mistral 7b ▶️ Start on Colab 2.2x faster 62% less
Llama-2 7b ▶️ Start on Colab 2.2x faster 43% less
TinyLlama ▶️ Start on Colab 3.9x faster 74% less
CodeLlama 34b A100 ▶️ Start on Colab 1.9x faster 27% less
Mistral 7b 1xT4 ▶️ Start on Kaggle 5x faster* 62% less
DPO - Zephyr ▶️ Start on Colab 1.9x faster 19% less
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